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Shared Responsibility Assurance

Uphold Your Half of Hybrid Cloud Security

What Is Your Responsibility for Cloud Security?

Taking advantage of the speed, scale, and elasticity of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a double-edged sword for enterprises. Under the Shared Responsibility Model, cloud service providers (CSPs) secure the hardware and software that comprise the infrastructure of the cloud, leading to lower capital overhead and increased flexibility. However, organizations must secure everything within their cloud infrastructure, including business and customer data, applications, the operating system, and identity access and management.

CSPs, with intimate knowledge of their hyperscale infrastructure platforms, deep security budgets, and rosters of talent, do an excellent job of securing their side of the Shared Responsibility Model. Many cloud customers struggle to uphold their half—in fact, Gartner predicts 95% of the cloud security failures through 2022 will have occurred on the customer side of the Shared Responsibility Model. It's time for a cloud-native approach to enterprise security.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) natively integrates with AWS and Azure to provide the complete visibility, real-time detection, and intelligent response necessary to secure your cloud investment.

Complete Visibility

Automatically discover and classify every asset across your cloud infrastructure, and instantly identify misconfigurations, unsecured APIs, and unauthorized access. Unlike logs or agent-based solutions, Reveal(x) gives you east-west visibility across all cloud workloads—including into SSL/TLS encrypted traffic—in real time and without any operational management, even as you scale.

Real-Time Detection

Harden your attack surface by improving cloud hygiene and compliance with immediate detection of misconfigurations, anomalous behavior, and malicious activity. Reveal(x) uses cloud-based machine learning, leveraging more than 4,800 wire data features, to accurately identify threats wherever they occur: on-premises, in cloud workloads, or anywhere across the hybrid attack surface.

Intelligent Response

Automate investigation workflows by correlating real-time detections from Reveal(x) with data from cloud providers and other analytics tools, and take advantage of integrations with orchestration and ticketing platforms for rapid threat response. Reveal(x) Cloud natively integrates with AWS EC2, S3, Amazon CloudWatch and CloudTrail, Amazon VPC Flow Logs, and more, while Reveal(x) for Azure natively integrates with Azure Security Center.


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Cloud migration cannot come at the expense of data and application security … Best-of-breed solutions like ExtraHop Reveal(x) [help customers] protect their applications and data wherever they reside, on-premises or in the cloud.

Jarjis Imam
AWS Global Practice Lead, SoftwareONE

Uphold Your Half of Hybrid Cloud Security

Whether your organization operates in AWS, Azure, or through multiple cloud service providers, ExtraHop Reveal(x) has a solution to help you meet the demands of the Shared Responsibility Model and support your development and application teams' innovation in the cloud.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud uses Amazon traffic mirroring and VPC peering to bring you SaaS-based network detection and response, providing complete visibility into all AWS workloads and on-premises assets in real time. Learn more about Reveal(x) Cloud here.

For organizations using Microsoft Azure, ExtraHop Reveal(x) for Azure uses the Azure Virtual Network Tap to provide comprehensive network detection and response across hybrid infrastructures. Learn more about Reveal(x) for Azure here.

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