Advanced Threats

Stop Sophisticated Attacks Before They Do Real Damage

When it comes to advanced threats, the real battle is not at the edge. Are you ready to beat back adversaries from the inside?

The Defender's Dilemma

It's hard to accept, but advanced attackers have an advantage at the perimeter. Their sophistication, determination, and persistence will inevitably land them inside. Any small, human error, supply-chain dependence, logic flaw, or adversary innovation can expose an entry point, even with world-class defenses.

But getting in is only the first step. The most advanced threats are those already on the inside, moving laterally, and covering their tracks so they can accomplish their real objective—executing ransomware or exfiltrating valuable customer data and intellectual property.

The Intruder's Demise

Advanced attackers should be fought where they are: on the inside. Advanced threats, like insider threats, require a post-compromise defense posture. You can turn the kill chain to your favor with ExtraHop Reveal(x) network detection and response (NDR).

NDR is completely covert and tamper-proof, meaning attackers will have no idea you're on to them until it's too late. As they move laterally within your network, Reveal(x) 360 is the only solution that shows you not just where intruders are going, but where they've been. With 90-days of lookback, you have all the information you need to go from detection to response within a few clicks.


blind spots

Gain complete visibility of east-west,
north-south, and encrypted traffic.

50% faster

threat detection

Improve analyst efficiency through
investigative workflows with full context.

84% faster

threat resolution

Stop threats before a breach and
automate response workflows

Keep on Top of
Advanced Threats

As soon as new vulnerabilities and attack tactics are discovered, our ExtraHop Threat Research team works hard to determine the severity and potential impact for customers. When applicable, they quickly deploy detectors to Reveal(x), which starts investigations through the 90-day records repository and searches active network traffic. If the Reveal(x) detects malicious or abnormal activity, customers are alerted in real-time and provided workflows to investigate alerts and respond quickly.