ExtraHop Solutions Architecture

You want to be data-driven. Get there faster.

At ExtraHop, our professional services go beyond consulting. We work with your team to understand the unique demands of your organization, and custom build solutions that deliver better business outcomes—faster. Our experts have spent years honing methodologies that deliver rapid value and scale.

Experienced Implementation

  • Establish high-quality data feeds for the most comprehensive, accurate insight.
  • Customize the ExtraHop platform to surface the information most critical to your business.
  • Work hand-in-hand with your team, taking them beyond proficiency to expertise.

Implementation Benefits

Professional Services

Our experienced implementation leadership, product expertise, and services offerings deliver the advanced knowledge you need to reduce costs and lower deployment risks, support your current and future business requirements, and keep your team focused on improvement and innovation.


There's a wealth of data within your IT environment. Let us help you put it to work for your business faster with seamless deployment.

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Application Mapping

Let our experts bring your environment into focus with proven methodologies to deliver an accurate, real-time view of your infrastructure.

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Cloud Migration

Migrating applications and infrastructure is risky and complex. ExtraHop delivers the insight you need for a seamless move to the cloud.

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Datacenter Migration

We deliver a complete, accurate understanding of your infrastructure, so you have the visibility to minimize risk and disruption during your migration.

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Speed up microsegmentation projects and ensure ongoing compliance with vendor-agnostic visibility across all connected systems.

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PCI Compliance

Eliminate penalties and reduce audit costs with a comprehensive assessment of your organization's compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

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Resident Architect

Get the dedicated expertise you need to align IT analytics with business processes to accelerate digital business initiatives.

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Security Assessment

Improve security posture with expertise that helps your team identify threats, audit and monitor compliance, and integrate with your existing framework.

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