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See how customers use wire data to gain industry-specific insights.

In every industry, success hinges on having the right information at the right time. Before ExtraHop, IT organizations have been flying blind, lacking a simple and non-invasive way to answer the question, "What is happening in my environment right now?" See what others in your industry have accomplished once they've embraced wire data analytics as their platform for data-driven operations.


Maintain situational awareness and information dominance.

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Don't leave your IT users saying "Bueller ... Bueller ... "

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Financial Services

Time is money. Can your analytics solution keep up?

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Secure, reliable monitoring that scales without adding cost or complexity.

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Get the vitals for all IT systems and facilities with wire data.

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Henry Ford never saw IoT coming...

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A little therapy for your retail environment.

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You can be the hero who keeps millions of peoples' days on track.

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Technology and Software

Uptime is money and user experience is loyalty.

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