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Financial services institutions like yours are subject to a multitude of data privacy and financial regulations. You manage gigabytes of real-time data representing billions of dollars of transactions. You combat the risk of intellectual property and financial theft, loss, and fraud—financial services is constantly under attack.

Distributed and hybrid deployments, digital transformation initiatives, and a complex supply chain increases risk. To maintain a competitive edge, you must have complete real-time visibility into every communication on the network (including IoT), with the insights needed to increase uptime and accelerate detection to stop advanced threats.


blind spots

Gain complete visibility of east-west,
north-south, and encrypted traffic.

50% faster

threat detection

Improve analyst efficiency through
investigative workflows with full context.

84% faster

threat resolution

Stop threats before a breach and
automate response workflows

Get to Ground Truth

ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides powerful insights into network assets, cloud workloads, applications, and users by passively monitoring all traffic traversing your hybrid environment. With machine learning detecting unusual behavior you can quickly investigate and respond before damage is done.

Integrated & Trusted

ExtraHop partners with leading technology solutions like CrowdStrike to unlock invaluable insights in real time. The result is increased security, improved performance and better adherence to compliance standards like
SOC 2 and GDPR.


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Nine times out of ten, we know about a problem before any of our users can call to tell us about it.


Financial Services Resources


Accelerate Detection and Response in Financial Services

Learn about the challenges financial services face from advanced threats and how cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) can improve security posture and reduce overall risk.

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5 Need-to-Know Lessons From SANS to Stop a Breach Post Compromise

ExtraHop compiled the top takeaways from a year of SANS Institute research and analysis to help inform your security strategy.

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Retire That Noisy '90s IDS, Upgrade to NG-IDS

Intrusion detection systems (IDS) may help meet compliance standards, but they can't offer much actual security. By putting your budget toward next-generation IDS, you can reduce false alerts and secure both the perimeter and the network.

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IDC Market Share Report

Worldwide Network Intelligence and Threat Analytics Market Shares: How the Network Is Used to Unmask the Adversary.

Christopher Kissel, Frank Dickson

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ExtraHop Security Report: Lessons Learned Investigating the SUNBURST Software Supply Chain Attack

SUNBURST attackers went to extreme lengths to evade security, but from March to early October, 2020, ExtraHop found that detections of threat activity increased approximately 150 percent.

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2020 SANS Network Visibility and Threat Detection Survey

Lack of visibility creates blind spots, while good visibility improves situational awareness. Monitoring and analyzing network data assists in the crucial first steps in closing any visibility gap.

Ian Reynolds

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