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Answering all of your questions about TCP windowing including what it is, scaling issues, congestion, and more. Updated for 2018!

How to defend against WPAD exploit aPAColypse now

Learn how you can level up your user experience with ExtraHop 7.1!

Next gen security programs will be measured by dwell time more than any other metric. Here's why.

Learn about doxware, including why it's becoming more and more popular to cyber criminals, and how to protect against a doxware attack.

See how many times people have tried incorrect passwords on your network, and break it out by username and IP address.

As a CIO, I'm aware that the cloud is helping redefine what's possible. But we all know what happens when fools rush in.

Christine Shaw started her life at ExtraHop after graduating from Rice University in Houston, Texas. After a short stint as a summer intern, Christine joined ExtraHop full-time as a Solutions Engineer.

Metcalfe's Law explains the exponential impact of network effects. For IT, this can be a curse and blessing. This lightboard video teaches how this concept can affect your IT strategy.

What is AIOps, why is Gartner talking about it, and why should you care?

The reality in today's data driven IT landscape is that we all want to know basically everything. All the time. Not only do we want to see it all, we want to see it now.

Learn why EMA Research picked ExtraHop Addy for a 2017 Innovator's Award, calling the machine learning offering an 'intelligent co-pilot' for stressed network engineers.

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