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Ever wonder what unicorns and Amazon S3 buckets have in common? ExtraHop's Cloud Security expert, Eric Thomas, explains in this opinion piece in Dark Reading.

With this newly updated version of the popular Cloud Applications bundle, ExtraHop customers gain real-time visibility into cloud applications with detailed performance metrics and even more control over what you see and how you see it.

Why does this Director of Broadcast Systems Engineering & Support say the ease of use and intuitiveness of ExtraHop is phenomenal? Find out on Gartner Peer Insights!

Learn how to quickly identify recent and past device connections on a live activity map in ExtraHop.

ExtraHop 7.3 boldly shines a light on potential threats with powerful Reveal(x) Summer 2018 features. Let's talk about what they are and how they work!

Learn about Network Traffic Analytics (an emerging category of cybersecurity product for threat detection and investigation) including what it is and the benefits of network traffic analyzers for security operations.

This VP of IS Operations calls ExtraHop the single best tech investment they've made in 5 years. Find out why, in their own words!

What is AIOps, why is Gartner talking about it, and why should you care?

How do you go from being a business major with a casual interest in computer science to landing a job as a web developer in the highly competitive Seattle tech scene? Here's how I did it, at least.

Almost 70% of exposed records in 2017 were due to misconfigurations in services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Here's how to be smart and secure on S3.

Answering all of your questions about TCP windowing including what it is, scaling issues, congestion, and more. Updated for 2018!

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Summer 2018 sheds light on key risks and behaviors in the darkspace of enterprise security. Here's how Reveal(x) solves late-stage attack blindness.

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