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Microsoft's Virtual Network TAP is a gamechanger for enterprise cloud customers, especially with the release of ExtraHop Reveal(x) for Azure. Learn why the vTAP secures Azure the enterprise, and why network traffic analysis with Reveal(x) is a critical source of security intelligence in the cloud.

Learn how the Reveal(x) Extras bundle makes it easy to identify security hygiene issues such as self-signed certificates, Kerberos duplicate ticket errors, SMB v1, and more.

What are containers? What are microservices? What major benefit do many companies fail to take advantage of when they use microservices? Watch the video to find out!

Get to know the latest about DDoS attacks by learning about attack types, mitigation strategies, and how to protect your website.

Learn how to navigate ExtraHop's powerful query system to quickly answer questions about suspicious transactions, packet lag, and more.

Have you ever seen a major data breach in the news and thought, 'Wow, they did a great job handling that situation and communicating it to the public?' If you're like ExtraHop's VP of Security, probably not. Learn how to fix the broken breach response template in this InfoSecurity Magazine piece!

There is a new Apache Struts vulnerability and it's a doozy. ExtraHop customers can use this technique to monitor for IOCs while they work to update their software.

Cyber Monday sales grew 16.8 percent in 2017. While Black Friday diehards continue to fight over television sets and parking spots, droves of other shoppers prefer the comfort and safety of their…

IDC Survey: ExtraHop dramatically improves enterprise performance and security results.

With another Black Hat come and gone, read this post for the top three takeaways SecOps needs to pay attention to, from encryption to NTA to the cloud.

Get the top three takeaways from the 2018 SANS Security Operations Center Survey, and learn how to improve your SOC efficiency based on advice from the experts!

How does one of the biggest gift card distributors in the world solve weak cipher suites, network and application performance, and more with ExtraHop? Read on to learn their story!

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