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With real-time insights across the entire IT environment, from the infrastructure to hosted applications, ACS is using wire data from ExtraHop to transform their IT operations from reactive to proactive.

ExtraHop's real-time insights into the performance of Alaska Airlines' Informix database, plus early warning of emerging problems, has saved countless hours of troubleshooting for the IT team and helped ensure on-time departures of flights.

"ExtraHop enables us to solve incredibly complex problems in a matter of hours. Extrapolated across our business, we're saving at least $400,000 annually in terms of time spent troubleshooting."

Sean Johnson
IT Professional
International Financial Services Organization

Axstores worked with RADPOINT to deploy the ExtraHop platform in less than an hour. As they grow, they're using ExtraHop to ensure a smooth rollout of upcoming projects, facilitate testing and deployment, and support various other IT initiatives.

Bentley University deployed ExtraHop to gain real-time, agentless visibility into the Oracle database that powered its Banner software. Now the university has critical insight into how the Banner system interacts with the MyBentley portal, Blackboard, and other applications—and they've reduced IT troubleshooting times by 50%.


Since deploying ExtraHop, application hosting provider, Claris Networks, reduced the number of escalated incidents by 60%, improved Citrix login times by 30%, and decreased storefront login times by 50%.

To optimize the database and caching tiers of its application, Concur worked with ExtraHop to implement memcache analysis. Now Concur tracks the real-time performance of more than two billion SQL queries and 500 million memcache transactions each day.

Conga migrated their business-critical applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and needed better visibility into how their applications were utilizing the AWS resources they were paying for. They deployed ExtraHop to track merge requests for Salesforce data being accessed by Conga applications in AWS. This allowed them to correlate errors with specific servers, even with complex, asynchronous connections in play, and troubleshoot more effectively.


With insight from ExtraHop, the IT team at Geel has correlated, cross-tier visibility across all applications and systems, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Greenbrier needed a solution that would deliver the cross-tier, correlated visibility that would enable them to proactively identify performance problems, and quickly identify and troubleshoot the root cause of those problems before they impacted productivity. For that visibility, they turned to ExtraHop.

A Health Services Provider

Early in 2016, an employee with a large health services provider was experiencing performance problems with his client machine. He opened a ticket with the organization's IT department. What they found came as a surprise – and a wake-up call – to everyone involved. In order to gain real-time insight, the health services provider turned to ExtraHop.

Lockheed Martin uses ExtraHop wire data analytics as part of an integrated approach to gain visibility into their complex and dynamic IT environment that runs hundreds of applications and serves over 125 million beneficiaries.

McKesson Managed Services deployed ExtraHop to improve its ability to deliver hosted applications to hospitals. With ExtraHop, McKesson identified the root cause of slow Citrix XenApp application launches and adopted a more intelligent, proactive IT operations model that has saved $660,000 in the first year alone.

The Middlesex IT team has been able to dramatically reduce the time spent troubleshooting complex problems with ExtraHop. with a tool that has proven easy to use, learn, and share. With ExtraHop, the Middlesex IT team is able to proactively work to improve user experience by identifying issues that no one knew about previously.

MEDHOST provides software and services to healthcare providers and uses ExtraHop to quickly troubleshoot complex application performance problems. The ExtraHop platform serves as a 'force multiplier' for MEDHOST and its clients, enabling them to quickly gain comprehensive visibility into the IT environment.

MedSolutions provides cost management services to healthcare insurance organizations, where even small delays can impact the level of care. They looked to ExtraHop for real-time cross-tier visibility and historical measurements. This helped optimize their IT infrastructure, which includes 2 datacenters with 70% virtualized server environments.

"I am in love with the simplicity of setup balanced with the raw power that is available to the administrator [of ExtraHop]."

Werner Mendoza
Cloud Services Monitoring Administrator

After evaluating more than 25 vendors, the network team at Murphy USA chose ExtraHop based on our noninvasive deployment, ease of use, and superior analysis capabilities. Since deployment, they have experienced up to 5x faster application performance and an estimated 70% reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR).

An Online Brokerage

For brokerages, application performance affects brand reputation, customer attrition, and revenue. Through the improved visibility and optimization gained by using ExtraHop, this brokerage improved its performance on industry benchmark metrics—total execution time and success rate for stock-order transactions—by more than 70%.

"ExtraHop has delivered a significant return on investment for us almost from day one."

Lee Riches
Operational Analyst

Seeking greater visibility to help their lean IT team run smarter and more collaboratively, Phoenix Children's turned to ExtraHop to help them make use of an incredibly rich and valuable data source: the network.

"ExtraHop has fundamentally changed the way that we monitor and manage our business."

Brad Blake
Director of IT

Since ExtraHop doesn't store packets containing personal health information, Practice Fusion is able to use ExtraHop to monitor network traffic from more than 150,000 medical providers housing over 50 million patient records, without raising security concerns. They were able to track performance before and after a P2V migration and avoid a $75,000 expenditure on unnecessary new hardware and software.

Purdue Pharma needed better visibility into their highly-virtualized Cisco UCS environment. After deploying ExtraHop, they were able to reduce their data center footprint by 70%, improve application response time by 70%, and improve IT team productivity.

Seattle Children's Hospital has a large and growing Citrix XenDesktop deployment. By deploying ExtraHop, the IT team reduced time spent troubleshooting problems by 50% and accelerated Citrix launch times by 500%.

"None of our competitors are providing this kind of information and this kind of transparency. ExtraHop really has improved our standing with our customers."

Eric Sharpsten
Lockheed Martin

With ExtraHop successfully deployed and in regular usage, the Sportingbet IT department are unearthing valuable insights and solving issues that were previously challenging to resolve.

Steward Health Care System was experiencing hard-to-troubleshoot issues in its complex IT environment of 11 hospitals and more than 100 clinics. The cross-tier visibility ExtraHop provides helped Steward improve application response time, gain insight into Citrix XenApp delivery, and create more time for doctor-patient interaction.

With ExtraHop, SaaS provider T2's IT Operations team is now able to create performance baselines for all tiers of the environment, better anticipate traffic peaks, and receive early warning alerts about issues that could affect customer system reliability and revenue.

With ExtraHop, Tyler Technologies has the data and analytics they need to spot, troubleshoot and resolve performance problems. They also have the visualization tools that the IT team needs to prove to business stakeholders and other teams what's actually going on.

The IT team at Zonar is leveraging wire data from ExtraHop to streamline their own operations and ensure better performance across the infrastructure. In addition to a large-scale infrastructure mapping initiative, the team is also using wire data to troubleshoot issues from code-level errors to machines throwing millions of DNS requests.

"ExtraHop has proven itself to be very valuable to Alaska Airlines. It has enabled us to quickly and accurately diagnose several issues that would have been impractical or impossible to pin down previously."

Kris Kutchera
Vice President of Information Technology
Alaska Air Group

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