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Real-world examples of ExtraHop in action. The results speak volumes.

ACS uses ExtraHop to get real time insights across their environment, from infrastructure to hosted applications, taking their IT ops from reactive to proactive.

Alaska Airlines uses ExtraHop to save countless hours of troubleshooting for the IT team and ensure safe, on-time flights.

"ExtraHop enables us to solve incredibly complex problems in a matter of hours. Extrapolated across our business, we're saving at least $400,000 annually..."

Sean Johnson
IT Professional
International Financial Services Organization


Axstores ensures undisrupted performance in their IT systems through periods of astronomical business growth.

Bentley University gets insight into their MyBentley portal, Blackboard, and other applications with ExtraHop. They've reduced IT troubleshooting times by 50%.

With ExtraHop, application host Claris Networks reduced escalated incidents by 60%, accelerated Citrix logins by 30%, and decreased store login times by 50%.

Concur tracks the real-time performance of over two billion SQL queries and 500 million memcache transactions each day with ExtraHop.

Conga maintained visibility into their business-critical Salesforce productivity applicatoins up and running across an AWS migration with ExtraHop.

With insight from ExtraHop, the IT team at Geel has correlated, cross-tier visibility across all systems, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Greenbrier employs over 10,000 people and builds a huge amount of global transportation infrastructure. They need total IT visibility. They get it with ExtraHop.

A Health Services Provider

A large health services provider was getting performance complaints from workers on client machines. ExtraHop quickly showed them the root of the problem.

Lockheed Martin uses ExtraHop to gain visibility into their complex, dynamic IT environment that runs hundreds of applications serving over 125 million people.

McKesson deployed ExtraHop to improve its ability to deliver hosted applications to hospitals. They improved Citrix performance and saved $600k in the first year.

"I am in love with the simplicity of setup balanced with the raw power that is available to the administrator [of ExtraHop]."

Werner Mendoza
Cloud Services Monitoring Administrator

With ExtraHop, the Middlesex IT team is able to proactively work to improve IT performance at the hospital, so doctors can focus on helping patients.

MEDHOST provides software & services to healthcare providers and uses ExtraHop to quickly troubleshoot complex issues so they don't disrupt patient care.

MedSolutions provides cost management services to healthcare insurance organizations, where even small delays can impact the level of care.


Since deploying ExtraHop, Murphy USA has experienced up to 5x faster application performance and an estimated 70% reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR).

An Online Brokerage

With ExtraHop, this brokerage improved its performance on total execution time and success rate for stock-order transactions by over 70%.

"ExtraHop has delivered a significant return on investment for us almost from day one."

Lee Riches
Operational Analyst

Phoenix Children's turned to ExtraHop when seeking greater visibility to help their lean IT team run smarter and more collaboratively.

"ExtraHop has fundamentally changed the way that we monitor and manage our business."

Brad Blake
Director of IT

Practice Fusion uses ExtraHop to monitor network traffic from over 150,000 medical providers housing over 50 million patient records without security concerns.

Using ExtraHop in their highly-virtualized Cisco UCS environment, Purdue Pharma reduced their data center footprint by 70% and improved app response time by 70%.

By deploying ExtraHop, the Seattle Children's Hospital IT team reduced time spent troubleshooting problems by 50% and accelerated Citrix launch times by 500%.

"None of our competitors are providing this kind of information and this kind of transparency. ExtraHop really has improved our standing with our customers."

Eric Sharpsten
Lockheed Martin

Sportingbet runs egaming applications in a highly competitive space. If their app is slow, the customers will use a rival. ExtraHop helps them stay on top.

ExtraHop's cross-tier visibility helps Steward Health Care System deal with hard-to-troubleshoot issues in its complex IT environment of 11 hospitals and more than 100 clinics.

T2 provides SaaS services so their customers depend on them for revenue-critical apps. T2's IT Ops team uses ExtraHop to anticipate traffic and keep apps speedy.

Tyler Technologies provides state and local governments the software they need to meet citizens' needs. They use ExtraHop to get cross-tier visibility into their IT operations.

The IT team at Zonar uses ExtraHop for everything from large-scale infrastructure mapping initiatives down to troubleshooting code-level errors.

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