Security and Control for Hybrid Cloud

The cloud may be a force multiplier for business and IT, but security teams struggle to protect hybrid attack surfaces with legacy workflows, limited toolsets, and a shortage of skilled analysts. ExtraHop Reveal(x) delivers a cloud-native approach to cybersecurity so you can manage risk, automate hybrid security settings, and drive innovation and growth in the cloud.

Complete Visibility

Break through the cloud stall and uphold your half of the Shared Responsibility Model by eliminating risks created by misconfigurations, insecure APIs, and unauthorized assets with deep visibility across your hybrid infrastructure.

Real-Time Detection

Immediately spot rogue instances, unauthorized access, and attackers inside the perimeter—even those hiding in SSL/TLS encrypted traffic—with machine learning to keep your team focused on the highest risk threats.

Intelligent Response

Resolve threats up to 60 percent faster by automatically correlating threats across the hybrid attack chain with instant access to forensic evidence, and use deep integrations with orchestration and ticketing platforms to automate response.

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Integrate & Win

Cloud-Native Solutions for Security and IT

The best way to embrace the speed and elasticity of the cloud is to build your security the way you build your enterprise: cloud-first. While legacy tools and workflows cause alert fatigue, migration stalls, and security risks, ExtraHop Reveal(x) gives SecOps the same agile, scalable approach as the development and application teams they support.

However your business interacts with the world, ExtraHop can meet your assets where they live. Whether through the zero-infrastructure, turnkey solution for AWS delivered by Reveal(x) Cloud, or through the natively integrated Reveal(x) for Azure, you'll have the security and control you need to drive innovation and growth in the cloud.

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We believe that ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud will deliver great value to cloud workloads by providing the necessary visibility to more efficiently detect and respond to incidents.

Joe Vadakkan
Global Cloud Security Leader, Optiv


In-House Security
& Control for AWS

Flexibility &
Security in Azure

In-House Security
& Control for AWS

In order to trim costs and bring control of their hybrid environment back in-house, Accolade needed to build a custom security solution that delivered real-time visibility and forensic evidence for AWS.

Enter Visibility at Scale

  • Comprehensive insight into the hybrid enterprise with wire data from ExtraHop combined with log data from AWS CloudWatch and CloudTrail
  • Real-time intrusion alerting and immediate access to forensic evidence

Business Outcome

Accolade now has cost-effective threat intelligence that empowers in-house security analysts to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents across their hybrid environment.

Flexibility &
Security in Azure

International Cruise and Excursions (ICE) wanted to take advantage of the flexibility, resiliency, and scalability of the public cloud, but were concerned about whether or not they'd be able to secure that investment.

Enter Visibility at Scale

  • Early identification of SSL/TLS endpoints, possible compliance issues, and active threats
  • Deep, contextualized insights across on-premises and cloud infrastructure in a single platform

Business Outcome

With real-time visibility, threat detection, and guided investigation from ExtraHop Reveal(x), ICE can proactively secure their hybrid Azure cloud and deliver a world-class customer experience.