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ExtraHop gives you unprecedented, real-time access to all the threats and opportunities hiding within your enterprise so you can not only adapt to change, but bring it into focus—and drive your business forward.

What ExtraHop Does

What We Do

ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality with real-time analytics and cloud-based machine learning. We analyze every single digital interaction occurring on the network and turn that data into the most accurate and timely source of intelligence for everyone from IT Operations to Security to the CIO.

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ExtraHop gives us the intelligence we need to continually increase efficiency and sustain a competitive advantage.

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What's New

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ExtraHop 7.0: Know the Shape of Your Enterprise

From live activity maps that allow you to dynamically explore all the communications in your environment, to anomaly-initiated workflows, to Perfect Forward Secrecy support in the enhanced Decryption Suite, ExtraHop 7.0 provides the total visibility, real-time incident response, and adaptive security you need to know everything and fear nothing.

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