Wire Data Is The Future Of ITOA & ITOM

"[W]ire data — radically rethought and used in new ways — ...will prove to be the most critical source of data for availability and performance management over the next five years." - Gartner*

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*Source: Gartner, "Use Data- and Analytics-Centric Processes With a Focus on Wire Data to Future-Proof Availability and Performance Management," Vivek Bhalla and Will Cappelli, March 10, 2016

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What is Wire Data?

Wire data is the broadest and richest source of insight available to IT organizations. Because of this, leading industry analysts recommend prioritizing wire data when creating an IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) strategy. ExtraHop's stream analytics platform makes wire data fast and simple.

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Proactive Monitoring and Remediation

Gain transaction-level visibility from all data in motion across your network.

Optimization and Continuous Improvement

Make decisions about your IT infrastructure based on data, not assumptions.

Pervasive Security Monitoring and Compliance

Detect anomalies and get alerts based on real-time observed behavior, even for east-west traffic.

Business and Operations Analytics

Extract and analyze any data in the payload for real-time business intelligence.

Proven in the Most Complex Environments

The ExtraHop platform monitors and analyzes over 3,400 metrics, over 45 protocols, and unique universal payload analysis across a broad range of technologies and industries in complex and dynamic IT environments.


Equip IT, informatics, and business teams with real-time insights into application communications.

See it in action: Cloud Application Discovery and Usage Monitoring


Manage applications more intelligently to please clients and keep your organization productive.

See it in action: Load Balancer Optimization


Detect threats and get the context you need to answer what, where, when, and who for any situation.

See it in action: Small Cell Deployment Monitoring


Gain real-time visibility of your cloud applications with the award-winning ExtraHop for AWS solution.

See it in action: Virtualized Application Performance Visibility

Trusted by World-Class Customers

ExtraHop is used to monitor over 1 million systems and trillions of transactions every day for enterprise customers like these:

Analyst Recognition

ExtraHop may have kicked the rock off of the top of the mountain that causes the avalanche that disrupts and reorganizes the entire $20B IT operations market. This ... will ultimately put IBM, BMC, HP, and CA under severe pressure as well.

Bernd Harzog, Analyst, The Virtualization Practice

Where ExtraHop specialized in real-time analysis, the Explore appliance gives [users] the ability to perform forensics analytics, as well. This is going to give their core IT users a lot of value.

Shamus McGillicuddy, Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates

The next frontier of business operations is technology-driven, complex, dynamic, and lightning fast. Managing it is going to require a fundamentally different approach. ExtraHop is at the forefront of this sea-change.

Christian Renaud, Senior Analyst,
451 Research

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