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SANS Webinar: The State of Cloud Security

Trends and strategies from the Cloud Security Alliance and ExtraHop.

ExtraHop Director of Cloud Products Eric Thomas and CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud Security Alliance Jim Reavis sat down recently to dig into the results of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey, conducted in cooperation with the Cloud Security Alliance.

In their talk they cover:

  • The jump in unauthorized access by outsiders, up 16% from 2017
  • The increase in misconfiguration errors with app components and APIs
  • Tips for improving visibility in hybrid or multi-cloud environments
  • The benefits of cloud-native security tools vs. cloud-ready tools
  • The ways cloud migration efforts can force collaboration between IT Ops, SecOps, and DevOps, which is necessary for effective cloud security

Listen to the webinar to get a sense of the all-too-familiar pain points IT is experiencing in the cloud and the simple steps you can take to assure the security of your hybrid environment.

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