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Case Study: Proactive Security Hygiene in a Hybrid Enterprise

Network Traffic Analysis in the Proactive SOC

As enterprises rapidly move toward hybrid IT environments comprising on premises, cloud, virtual, and SaaS-based resources and tools, security operations teams experience unprecedented challenges in protecting sensitive data and staying on the right side of increasingly stringent privacy regulations.

In this ISC2 Security Briefing On Demand Session, Mike Sheward, Sr. Director of Infosec at Accolade discusses how his team maintained visibility and security with a small, agile workforce across a major technology shift towards a hybrid environment.

In this session, Sheward discusses:

  • How network traffic analysis can form a core security mechanism for the hybrid enterprise
  • How security operations can be a filter, rather than an amplifier for internal and external customers to help them focus on what matters and deliver the best experience
  • How the right approach to proactive security operations builds trust and enables analysts to do what they're best at, rather than shepherding alerts through ticketing systems.

For CISSP certificate holders, viewing this session is worth one CPE credit.

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