Our Story

Have the Advantage.

Take It Back.

ExtraHop was founded with a clear mission: to help organizations stop advanced threats with security that can't be undermined, outsmarted, or compromised.

We created a fundamentally new way to harness the power of network intelligence at the speed and scale of business. Our Reveal(x) 360 platform combines the power of cloud-scale AI with the simplicity of SaaS to defend against advanced threats like supply chain attacks, APTs, and zero days, providing security from core to cloud to edge. Cyberattackers can't hide on the network, but ExtraHop can, giving security teams a secret weapon to detect threats, investigate incidents, and stop breaches fast—before they compromise your business.


AI + ML patents

We hold over 50 AI and ML patents that allow us to derive intelligence from petabytes of data each day in real-time and at scale.


high risk threats identified monthly

Our sophisticated behavioral analytics detect threats others miss, including advanced threats like supply chain attacks, APTs, and Zero Days.


Faster Response

Streamlined investigation workflows enable ExtraHop customers respond to threats 87% faster according to Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ Study.

Our Industry-Leading Approach

Gartner IDC Truist

According to research from Gartner, IDC, Truist and others, the network detection and response market now exceeds $1 billion and is the second-fastest growing segment in cybersecurity. In 2020, the market grew at a 24% CAGR, and experts expect CAGR to be 17% or more for each of the next three years.

ExtraHop is at the forefront of the network detection and response category, outpacing the market CAGR in revenue growth over the last two years. That market leadership isn't a product of brash marketing claims or sales tactics. It comes down to two things:

NO. 1

The network is the ground truth source for security, and our network intelligence is second to none.

NO. 2

Number one? We actually do that. Our people back it up. And we prove it—over and over again.