Reveal(x) 360

Unified threat intelligence across hybrid and
multicloud environments.

How It Works

Secure Hybrid & Multicloud Environments

How It Works

Reveal(x) 360 extends cloud-native NDR across hybrid and multicloud environments by providing full visibility and network intelligence at enterprise scale. Integrated workflows accelerate threat hunting and amplify organizational resources.

ExtraHop sensors deployed in data centers, clouds, and remote sites decrypt and analyze network traffic, using advanced AI for behavioral analysis, real-time threat detection, and investigation performed in Reveal(x) 360.

A cloud-based record store with 90-day lookback provides managed search for streamlined incident investigation. Reveal(x) 360 also offers additional continuous packet capture (PCAP) for in-depth forensics and always-on incident response.

A cloud-hosted management pane––accessible from anywhere via a secure web-based interface––offers a unified view of the environments where sensors are deployed.

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