Reveal(x) 360

SaaS-based security for edge, core,
and cloud deployments.

How It Works

Secure Hybrid & Multicloud Environments

How It Works

Reveal(x) 360 takes a SaaS-based approach to delivering network detection and response for hybrid and multicloud deployments. To start using Reveal(x) 360, simply identify environments you want to secure and deploy a Reveal(x) 360 sensor to gain unified visibility in a single management pane—accessible from anywhere. ExtraHop sensors decrypt and process network traffic and extract metadata for behavioral analysis, real-time threat detection, and investigation performed in Reveal(x) 360.

ExtraHop ML allows for a wide range of intelligent responses, including taking automated action on compromised workloads, domains, and IP addresses. You can also leverage on-demand pricing for a cloud-based record warehouse that enables index record search, query, and drill-down investigation in every segment of your hybrid environment for situational intelligence. Reveal(x) 360 also offers additional continuous packet capture (PCAP) for forensics.

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