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Threat Detection and Response

Turn Tier 1 Analysts into Tier 3 Experts

Faster Detection, Investigation, and Remediation

Going after active threats may be the first thing people think of when they imagine the SOC at work, but full blown threat hunters are few and far between. That's not due to lack of talent. It's because many SecOps teams rely on a combination of firewall logs, server logs, and signature-driven alerts that result in a flood of false positives instead of actionable insight.

By combining signature-based detection with advanced behavioral analytics, ExtraHop Reveal(x) can help your SOC slice through the noise to identify more threats, faster — as well as automate data gathering and correlation for a radically more efficient investigation workflow. Reveal(x) uses high-fidelity wire data and machine learning to detect suspicious behaviors, provide much-needed context, and help you go from over-stressed analyst to proactive threat hunter.

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Unprecedented Visibility

Reveal(x) eliminates the dark space in your network by transforming raw network traffic (including SSL/TLS encrypted traffic) into wire data at up to 100 Gbps of sustained throughput. That gives you eyes on every device, user, and asset in your enterprise in real time.

Definitive Insights

By applying selective machine learning models to wire data in real time, Reveal(x) catches threats that signature-based detection is likely to miss (command-and-control traffic, lateral movement, data exfiltration, etc.) and provides contextual evidence as a threat moves across the attack chain.

Immediate Answers

Along with putting all the answers you need into a single, easy-to-understand UI, Reveal(x) auto-prioritizes your most critical assets so you can easily focus your time and energy. Integrations with Phantom, Palo Alto, Nessus, Anomali, and more unlock countless automations such as quarantining and containment, helping lean security teams respond far more quickly and efficiently to the investigations that matter.


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Without ExtraHop, the investigation would have taken days or weeks … Even the FBI was impressed when they found out how quickly we identified and contained the threat!

Joanne White CIO, Wood County Hospital

Turn Tier 1 Analysts into Tier 3 Experts

Reveal(x) auto-discovers and classifies every device on the network, then analyzes every transaction. Even PFS-encrypted traffic is no match for the 50+ enterprise protocols Reveal(x) can decode at up to 100 Gbps. Along with dramatically speeding up detection so you can reduce dwell time of threats in your environment from the current average of 101 days to none at all, Reveal(x) automatically correlates alerts across the attack chain to paint a complete picture of any attack in real time.

With this analytics-first approach, SecOps teams can click directly into transaction details and even full packets from anywhere in the Reveal(x) interface. Rapid insight helps you act quickly and with confidence where human smarts are needed, while deep integrations allow you to automate response workflows such as blocking malicious IP addresses. In a nutshell? Reveal(x) helps you make faster decisions, based on more complete knowledge, with far less busywork.

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