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Real-Time Visibility

Auto-discover, classify, and monitor everything communicating on your network to achieve 360-degree visibility from core to edge to cloud.

Quickly determine root cause

Respond to outages 12 times faster with continuous visibility across your entire network and application stack.
  • Transform raw network traffic into real-time insight
  • Unified visibility across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid workloads
  • Passive, out-of-band monitoring eliminates the need for agents or log files

Visualize, measure, and monitor network performance

Uncover service availability issues before they can impact user productivity or customer satisfaction.
  • Decode over 70 enterprise application protocols
  • Visually represent real-time L4-L7 traffic activity between devices
  • Customized dashboards deliver immediate access to key performance metrics

Line-Rate Decryption

Strategically decrypt SSL/TLS (including 1.3) traffic in real-time to ensure compliance and uncover performance issues invisible to traditional tools.

Uncover performance issues lurking in encrypted traffic

Gain a complete picture to speed up troubleshooting without impacting security or availability.
  • Monitor all network interactions including encrypted traffic
  • Breakthrough out-of-band decryption with support TLS 1.3
  • Scale to line rates up to 100 Gbps

Detect network issues other tools miss

Identify problems that are invisible to Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA)-based solutions.
  • Decrypt common Microsoft protocols such as SMBv2, Kerberos, and MSRPC
  • Granular, role-based access to decryption keys for specific sessions
  • Retain full packet captures with complete context

Answers in One Place

Drill down from a high-level map of all your assets to specific packet payloads with the full context for rapid incident response in just three clicks.

Streamline incident response

Reduce the need to “swivel chair” between multiple tools to understand network performance across your hybrid enterprise.
  • Data visualizations make it easy to parse volumes of network data to derive insight
  • Guided investigative workflows put you three clicks away from root cause
  • Speed up troubleshooting without unnecessary tool sprawl

Collect and retain valuable forensic evidence

Take the guesswork out of capturing network packets for compliance and future analysis.
  • Scalable packet capture (PCAP) repository with cost-effective modular storage
  • Integrated precision packet search for a single workflow
  • Fast and easy-to-use queries get answers without needing to be an expert

Advanced Machine Learning

Cloud-scale machine learning analyzes over 5,000 L2-L7 metrics to identify potential issues so you can expedite time to response.

Detect network performance issues

Correlate activities and alerts on network and application performance anomalies before they become a problem.
  • Automated correlation of network events
  • High-fidelity analytics that cut through the noise of false positives
  • Leverage five forms of artificial intelligence (AI) applied to over 5,000 metrics

Predictive Anomaly Detection

Automatically surface unusual user experience or application behavior with the full context of what will be affected and why.

Respond to alerts that matter most

Improve mean time to response and reduce the number of engineers in half required to resolve issues with proactive alerts.
  • Alerts surface relevant network transaction records and packets
  • Context-rich detection cards help turn tier 1 analysts into tier 3 experts
  • Understand application delivery chain dependencies

Investigation Automation

Orchestrate and automate incident response with intelligent workflow integration across your existing IT operations and service management tools and platforms.

Enabled frictionless collaboration

Amplify the effectiveness of your IT Ops tool sets with powerful insights into network assets, cloud workloads, applications, and users.
  • Automatically trigger service request workflows based on detected issues
  • Enrich trouble tickets with relevant network data details
  • Augment manual incident response processes

Leverage complete network visibility