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See everything. Risk nothing.

RevealX is a network intelligence platform for securing and optimizing today's networks for tomorrow's challenges.

Reveal Risks and Build Resilience

RevealX gives organizations visibility into the cyber threats, performance issues, and emerging vulnerabilities that evade their existing network tools. With this insight, teams can triage more efficiently, mitigate issues quickly, and keep operations running smoothly, resulting in a 193% ROI*.

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See everything. Risk nothing.

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Network Detection & Response (NDR)

RevealX NDR

Use the power of network visibility and AI for real-time detection, rapid investigation, and intelligent response for any threat.

Product Overview
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Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

RevealX NPM

Use network data and machine learning to identify network and application performance issues and expedite time to response.

Product Overview


See what RevealX Can Do

Detect & Prevent

Reduce Complexity

Deliver Insights

Detect, investigate, and respond to security threats and performance issues with real-time data and network insights.


Faster Detections

Simplify IT operations and eliminate complexity by utilizing deep network visibility and real-time analytics to monitor for signs of potential issues, and anticipate disruptions before they can affect business productivity.


Faster Triage and Troubleshooting

Reveal critical insights hidden in network data, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover suspicious patterns of activity, and gain complete visibility of risks across on-premises, hybrid and cloud networks.


Learn Why RevealX is Different

ExtraHop Difference

Learn Why RevealX is Different

Complete Network Visibility

Complete visibility into everything on your network—every user, application, asset, transaction, service, and workload—from the user and the office, to the data center or the cloud. If it happens, RevealX can see it.

  • Advanced Decryption: Targeted, out-of-band decryption at up to 100 gigabits per second, including support for advanced standards like TLS/SSL 1.3, SMB V3, MS-RPC, and more.
  • Protocol Fluency: Parse out every transaction, from the data link layer up to the application layer, across 90+ protocols and counting.
  • Discovery and Classification: Continuous, passive discovery for devices, applications, users, and transactions, with automatic mapping and classification.
visibility platform
visibility platform

Broad Spectrum Detections

Detections are driven by machine learning/artificial intelligence, fed by multiple proprietary and third-party intelligence sources, and delivered with rich context to accelerate triage and mitigation.

  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence: Cloud-scale ML/AI analyzes network streams in real time, applying more than one million models across 5,000+ attributes.
  • Threat Briefings: Threat briefings developed by our expert research team provide guided detection and investigation workflows for emerging and critical vulnerabilities.
  • Retrospective Intelligence: Record storage for up to 90 days of network history, with automatic retrospective detection of issues in past activity.

Enterprise Scale Platform

A single platform for datacenter, cloud, and distributed environments provides unified network intelligence, delivered wherever the user needs.

  • High Volume Throughput: Decryption and analysis of global traffic in real-time, up to 100 gigabits per second, with no degradation of service or added latency.
  • Premium Integrations: Turn-key integrations for industry leading platforms, including EDR, SD-WAN, SOAR/SIEM, ticketing & case management, firewall, and more.
  • Modern Extensibility: Publicly available APIs and documentation, including REST and trigger types, enable teams to integrate RevealX with their existing tech stacks across on-premises and SaaS deployments.
visibility enterprise


Flexibility to Meet Your Organization's Needs

RevealX can be self-hosted or cloud delivered, for use in public networks to air-gapped environments, with physical and virtual sensors available.


Access RevealX from anywhere with the cloud-based console.

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Manage your RevealX console with ease using the self-hosted model.

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Integrations and Automations

Reduce tools complexity, increase productivity and efficiency with integrations

We partner with select vendors across a spectrum of enterprise needs, helping minimize further tool sprawl while delivering critical insights and enabling rapid response.

The platform, features, and reporting capabilities are top notch. Support and customization is fantastic.

VP, Information Security - Media

Customer Stories

Learn how ExtraHop customers utilize RevealX, the most powerful source of truth and transparency.

Seattle Children's and ExtraHop RevealX—Protecting More Than Data

  • Security that enables scientific innovation and specialized care
  • Complete visibility to detect lateral movement
  • Faster threat anomalous data detection

Ready to see RevealX in action?