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Professional Services

Resident Experts

ExtraHop Expertise On Staff

Maximize your ExtraHop platform investment

ExtraHop’s Resident Expert program provides on-staff expertise for customers in complex and highly dynamic environments who want to maximize their ExtraHop platform investment.

ExtraHop provides a dedicated, or partially dedicated, remote Solutions Architect to assist customers with implementation, customization, and operational support – uniquely tailored to each customer’s needs. Resident Experts support a wide range of activities and technical work – effectively becoming a focused contact for all things ExtraHop.

Customers who take advantage of the Resident Expert program are more likely to integrate ExtraHop into their technology stacks, operational processes, security and network operations successfully.


Once deployed, Resident Experts will work with your team to implement ExtraHop’s technology into your network and security stacks, and operational processes, to take full advantage of the capabilities and power of the platform.


Resident Experts learn the customer’s unique environment, needs, and challenges then collaborate to tailor the platform to extract value in ways you may not know are possible – enabling your network and security teams to be more effective and efficient.

Operational Support

Resident Experts bring network and/or security expertise to bear for our customers – solving problems, providing expert guidance on detections, identifying opportunities to optimize, and incorporating ExtraHop into critical workflows.

Get the most from your investment with a Resident Expert on Staff

Resident Experts can be fully dedicated (5 days/week) or partially dedicated, with options to suit individual customer needs. Talk to us today to get the most from your platform.

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