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Customer Story

Brewin Dolphin Invests in Better Visibility and Control with RevealX

Brewin Dolphin PLC is one of the United Kingdom’s leading wealth management firms.


Brewin Dolphin overhauled its network services beginning in 2018, replacing legacy network equipment and services across more than 40 locations. The firm needed a network monitoring solution that offered comprehensive insight into the new environment.

The rich, contextualized data we receive from ExtraHop enables us to be better informed and operate more effectively.

Neil Beattie Head of Digital Security and Resilience, Brewin Dolphin PLC

The Technology Environment

  • A mix of new and legacy technologies as the organization embarked on a digital transformation across more than 40 locations.


Why Brewin Dolphin Chose RevealX

"ExtraHop goes much deeper than the typical transactional reporting of traffic by analyzing actual behaviors occurring across the network and on endpoints," says Head of Digital Security and Resilience, Neal Beattie.

Fewer false positives and more meaningful detections

  • RevealX removes what Beattie calls “rubbish” information using full stream analysis, traffic decryption, and machine learning.

Beneficial to more than just the network and security teams

  • Beattie says, "The way that ExtraHop is architected means that we've been able to make the platform accessible to colleagues across other operational teams. The wide range of capabilities and functionality of the ExtraHop platform is driving value across our entire technology function."

The Outcome

Immediate improvements to network visibility

Detected ongoing red team activity as soon as RevealX was deployed

  • "We were immediately able to see events occurring that we previously had limited visibility into," recounts Beattie.

Streamlined investigation of network issues

  • "We were having some problems with domain controllers disconnecting and our legacy infrastructure monitoring solution just wasn't picking anything up,” Beattie says. "However, analyzing the ExtraHop data revealed a metric that directly correlated to the drops. We set up an alert in ExtraHop, cross-referenced the information to identify the root cause, and subsequently resolved the situation."

Baseline data on network and application activity across the organization’s distributed infrastructure

  • “We use the detailed metrics from ExtraHop to cross-check events generated by other controls across the environment. The rich, contextualized data we receive from ExtraHop enables us to be better informed and operate more effectively," says Beattie.

Detections integrated into SIEM platform

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Network Detection & Response (NDR)

RevealX NDR

Use the power of network visibility and AI for real-time detection, rapid investigation, and intelligent response for any threat.

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Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

RevealX NPM

Use network data and machine learning to identify network and application performance issues and expedite time to response.

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