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Network Detection & Response

Reveal and respond to cyber risk faster.

RevealX NDR

Get the instant visibility you need to identify risk faster, investigate smarter, and respond to threats with confidence.

NDR product UI

Expose hidden threats and build business resilience.

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Reclaim the advantage over cyber attackers with complete network visibility that fills coverage gaps left by EDR, SIEM, and logs. With agentless RevealX NDR, security teams have the network intelligence they need to investigate smarter, stop threats faster, and move at the speed of risk.

What is NDR?
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Investigate Smarter

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Stops Threats Faster

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Move at the Speed of Risk

ExtraHop RevealX UI showing a live activity map

Investigate Smarter

Accelerate mean time to investigate threats with cloud-scale machine learning and robust retrospective forensics to produce high-fidelity detections. Quickly expose risk from core to edge to cloud with streamlined investigation workflows.

ExtraHop RevealX UI

Stops Threats Faster

Get visibility into encrypted network traffic and devices and workloads without endpoint agents. Identify living off the land and other signs of early stage attacks with full packet capture and line-rate decryption.

ExtraHop RevealX UI

Move at the Speed of Risk

Reveal hidden risk and implement compensating controls with real-time insight into vulnerabilities and security hygiene across your organization's attack surface to improve decision making, regulatory reporting, and compliance.

Key Capabilities

Leave attackers nowhere to hide.

RevealX uses the network as a central source of truth, providing complete visibility, real-time detection, and rapid investigation — all powered by cloud-scale machine learning.

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ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Complete Network Visibility
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Cloud-scale Machine Learning
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Real-time Threat Detection
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Streamlined Investigation
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Intelligent Response

Complete Network Visibility

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Gain broad risk visibility across the entire attack surface, beyond what can be seen on endpoints, SIEM, logs, or other NDR solutions.

Cloud-scale Machine Learning

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Analyze behavior, detect threats, and automate investigation steps for faster response with no impact to performance.

Real-time Threat Detection

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Reduce risk and identify threats other tools miss with ML-powered and rule-based detection.

Streamlined Investigation

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Intuitive workflows enhanced by AI enable 3-click investigation from detection to root cause.

Intelligent Response

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Stop threats quickly and with confidence via turnkey integration for automated response or analyst-led action.

Security Modules

Expand your network security.

Intrusion Detection System

Retire your standalone legacy IDS with a next-generation tool that expands detection capabilities with high-fidelity network signatures and custom rules integrated into RevealX NDR for seamless threat detection and investigation.

  • Detect known malware and exploits in real-time.
  • Easily upload custom rules based on the Suricata framework.
  • Use turnkey integrations to take action and respond to threats.
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Packet Forensics

Speed up investigations, forensic evidence collection, and business recovery with continuous packet capture and a scalable PCAP repository. Uncover attacker actions in encrypted traffic and across dozens of protocols.

  • Capture packets across hybrid environments.
  • Quickly query packets with global search in an intuitive UI.
  • Meet or exceed evidence collection and compliance requirements.
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Advanced Threats

Stop sophisticated attacks before they do real damage.

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Integrations and automations

Integrate with CrowdStrike, Splunk, Netskope, and more to enhance your cybersecurity with complete network visibility, real-time detection, and streamlined investigations.

Our Technology Partners
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The platform, features, and reporting capabilities are top notch. Support and customization is fantastic.

VP, Information Security - Media

Customer Stories

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ULTA Beauty Securely Scales High-Growth e-Commerce Operation in the Cloud

  • Unified visibility across work streams as well as security and network teams
  • Reduced false positive alerts for more efficient security operations
  • Accelerated migration of production work streams to Google Cloud

Seattle Children’s and ExtraHop RevealX: Protecting More Than Data

  • Complete visibility to detect lateral movement
  • Faster threat and anomalous data detection
  • Security that enables scientific innovation and specialized care

Wizards of the Coast Delivers Frictionless Security for Agile Game Development

  • Agentless visibility and threat detection across AWS workloads
  • Accelerated development timelines without compromising security
  • Cost-savings allowed for more investment in product features
RevealX platform UI



Unified network intelligence for security and performance use cases.

Combine NDR and network performance monitoring (NPM) in a single platform, eliminating data silos and the need to switch between tools.

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Leverage complete network visibility