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Forrester®: The Total Economic Impact™ of ExtraHop RevealX

$1.4M in Cost Savings, Business Benefits, and a 193% ROI

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Forrester®: The Total Economic Impact™ of ExtraHop RevealX

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Forrester Estimates an 86% Reduction in Threat Response Time

Network detection and response (NDR) leverages the highest-fidelity data source available to provide organizations with a stronger security posture and improve incident response. In Total Economic Impact™ (TEI), a study commissioned by ExtraHop, Forrester Consulting employed a rigorous methodology to evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI) a composite organization received by deploying the ExtraHop RevealX NDR platform.

Download a complimentary copy of the Forrester TEI report:
  • Understand the benefits and financial impact of deploying RevealX
  • Gain data and insights to build a strong business case for RevealX

Learn how RevealX has helped ExtraHop customers overcome their biggest challenges around threat visibility, network performance management, and has helped them dramatically accelerate threat response.