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Network Performance Monitoring

Leverage complete network visibility

RevealX NPM

Harness visibility into network data and real-time analytics to expedite time to response.

Unleash peak network performance.

ExtraHop RevealX Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) delivers comprehensive insights and cloud-native machine learning (ML) to anticipate network disruptions and rapidly respond to incidents to ensure availability across your hybrid enterprise.


Complete Visibility

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Real-time Detection

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Intelligent Response

Complete Visibility

Real-time visibility into all network traffic makes it easy to monitor all devices and applications running on your network. RevealX NPM works on-premises, in the public cloud, and in hybrid environments, so you have all the data you need in a single unified platform.


Real-time Detection

Advanced machine learning automatically detects and correlates performance issues and security threats in real time, giving teams the information and context they need to solve problems before they impact customers.


Intelligent Response

RevealX NPM puts you three clicks away from the root cause of any performance issue. With broad context and precise packet details at your fingertips, you'll find answers right away and cut time to resolve by up to 90%.

Key Capabilities

Gain complete network visibility

RevealX NPM provides total visibility into everything from database to cloud traffic. Transform your network data into real-time insights to uncover hidden problems and opportunities with zero impact on performance.

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ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Real-Time Visibility
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Line-Rate Decryption
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Answers in One Place
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Advanced Machine Learning
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Predictive Anomaly Detection
ExtraHop RevealX product UI - Investigation Automation

Real-Time Visibility

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Auto-discover, classify, and monitor everything communicating on your network to achieve 360-degree visibility from core to edge to cloud.

Line-Rate Decryption

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Strategically decrypt SSL/TLS (including 1.3) traffic in real time to ensure compliance and uncover performance issues invisible to traditional tools.

Answers in One Place

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Drill-down from a high-level map of all your assets to specific packet payloads with the full context for rapid incident response in just three clicks.

Advanced Machine Learning

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Cloud-scale machine learning analyzes over 5000 L2-L7 metrics to identify potential issues so you can expedite time to response.

Predictive Anomaly Detection

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Automatically surface unusual user experience or application behavior with the full context of what will be affected and why.

Investigation Automation

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Orchestrate and automate incident response with intelligent workflow integration across your existing IT operations and service management tools and platforms.

Performance Modules

Boost your visibility.


ExtraHop Packet Forensics integrates with RevealX NPM to deliver a scalable PCAP repository that speeds up troubleshooting and cost-effectively preserves network traffic data.

  • Seamlessly integrate packets into your investigatory workflows.
  • Uncover performance issues hiding in encrypted traffic.
  • Get immediate answers without being an expert with fast visual queries.
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Use Cases

Realize the potential of your organization

Streamline visibility, investigation, and response across your hybrid environment. Reduce resolution time and eliminate downtime.

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Investigate smarter, detect issues faster, and move at the speed of business.

When user experience issues arise, you need comprehensive visibility and intelligent investigative workflows. Spend less time finger-pointing and more time pinpointing the root cause.

More about RevealX

Integrations and automations

Streamline incident response and facilitate collaboration with native integrations to a range of IT and security tools.

Our technology partners

The platform, features, and reporting capabilities are top notch. Support and customization is fantastic.

VP, Information Security - Media

Customer Stories

Wizards of the Coast bring fantasy to life as the makers of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.

  • Agentless visibility and threat detection across AWS workloads
  • Accelerated development timelines without compromising security
  • Cost savings enable reinvestment in product features

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Leverage complete network visibility