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Professional Services

Service Credits

Reduce your Time-to-Value, increase the return on your ExtraHop investment

ExtraHop’s professional service bundles

A credit-based system provides you with peace of mind from knowing exactly what you need at the time of purchase. Relax, we have you covered.

Available in three sizes, designed to fit all your needs. Buy either a starter, standard, or advanced credit bundle and then draw down from that pool of credits for any services you require—from training, “QuickStarts,” and integrations—for up to a year from the purchase.

No need to know which services you want up front, use credits for any service components you need.


60 Credits

The starter credit bundle is intended to provide a base level of credits with which you will rapidly implement, and integrate ExtraHop into their existing environment.


100 Credits

The standard credit bundle is intended to provide you with enough credits to integrate and deploy ExtraHop into the environment, drawing from several predefined use cases, training and integration options.


150 Credits

The advanced credit bundle is intended to provide you with ample credits to implement a fully customised solution-optimised to your unique environment and needs.

Quick Starts

QuickStarts enable rapid time-to-value to implement one of ExtraHop’s top use cases. A consultative engagement provides you with all the components relevant to getting up and running quickly, efficiently, and with less complexity

Live Training

Training capabilities provide you with the most flexible options to get your staff proficient in the ExtraHop platform, and enable rapid adoption across APM, NPM, and security use cases.


Integrations maximize your investment in ExtraHop by incorporating the platform across your security and performance tool sets to capitalize on insights, analysis, and investigative capabilities.

For more information about how to buy, contact your ExtraHop representative

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