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As enterprises scale to support and secure a seamless digital experience despite an increasingly complex attack surface, IT must move from awareness, to understanding, to action faster than ever before. ExtraHop Reveal(x) for IT Operations delivers the comprehensive insight and rapid response workflows your team needs to ensure availability across your hybrid enterprise.

With industry-leading network detection and response powered by cloud-scale machine learning, Reveal(x) for IT Operations helps organizations detect and respond to alerts with accuracy and confidence, and move beyond organizational silos and runaway technology to provide a world-class customer experience from core to edge to cloud. See how ExtraHop outperforms Riverbed and NetScout.

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Reveal(x) for IT Operations provides real-time visibility into everything from database to cloud traffic by securely decoding over 70 enterprise protocols, including SSL/TLS-encrypted sessions, at line rate (100 Gbps). Using stream processing, Reveal(x) transforms your network data in flight into structured wire data while cloud-scale machine learning helps you uncover and respond to hidden problems and opportunities with zero impact to performance.

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Auto-discover and classify every asset from the data center to the cloud

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Detect performance anomalies with machine learning trained on 7,000+ wire data metrics

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Pivot from contextualized insights to forensic-level evidence in seconds

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[ExtraHop] provides insight that is critical to delivering a seamless and secure experience for our customers and associates.

David Narayan
Distinguished Engineer, The Home Depot

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