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How We Do It

Stream Processing

The network is the only thing that connects all digital interactions. ExtraHop invented a fundamentally new way to observe and analyze these interactions: real-time stream processing that transforms the network into a comprehensive, uniquely trustworthy source of insight for business, security, and IT.

Anatomy of a Stream Processor

Analytics Your Way
Real-Time Analytics

Insight at 100 Gbps

ExtraHop provides real-time visibility across the hybrid enterprise, including into cloud and encrypted traffic. Using stream processing, ExtraHop transforms your network data in flight into structured wire data while machine learning helps you uncover and respond to threats and insights hiding in your environment with zero impact to performance:

  • Auto-discover, classify, and map all devices and assets on the network
  • Auto-detect and investigate performance anomalies with packet-level precision
  • Ensure a safer network and a seamless digital experience for end-users

How It Works

Proactive Visibility
Machine Learning

Proactive Visibility

Machine learning trained on wire data metrics detects and correlates performance issues and threats across your environment before they can impact your business, then automates response workflows through powerful and customizable tech integrations.

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Your Data Your Insights
Data Exploration

Contextual Intelligence

ExtraHop puts real-time visibility in context with live network activity maps and a visual query language so anyone, not just trained data scientists, can easily explore at a high level and drill down into specific transactions to solve once-complicated problems. With ExtraHop, you'll find the root cause in seconds instead of hours.

What ExtraHop Uncovers

Drill Down and Investigate
Forensic Investigation

Rapid Answers

The high-speed, streaming data store indexes and stores wire data for immediate access to live metrics, transaction records, and packets for forensic evidence. Investigate anomalies with automatic response workflows as well as current and historical activity maps that take you from issue to packet in a matter of clicks.

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Open Extensible
Integration and Automation

Open Extensibility

The modern digital landscape is highly interdependent, which is why the ExtraHop platform is built for scale in every way. Close visibility gaps and add context to your analytics by streaming wire data to platforms like Splunk, and automate incident response with anomaly-driven workflows in systems like ServiceNow!

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In my 30 years of technology experience, ExtraHop is the best purchase I have ever made.

Jennifer Hansen
Technical Operations Team Leader, Flight Centre

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