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Professional Services

Live Training

Whether online or in person, ExtraHop training sessions are guaranteed to help users at every stage.

Tailored training delivers knowledge, expertise and confidence

ExtraHop believes in empowering our customers. By developing a training program that supports learners at various levels of expertise and maturity, ExtraHop’s Training service offering is a vital component of successful implementation strategy.

ExtraHop offers training delivered by professional trainers that are both product and domain experts – ensuring customers not only learn how to use the product’s vast feature set, but also understand how the product can be used to identify security and performance issues using the network.
The Training service will provide multiple levels of instructor-led training for customers and partners tailored to specific roles, responsibilities, and levels of expertise. Training is available individually, or for groups, and is typically delivered remotely although on-site options are possible for large groups.

Train on your live data with a two-part curriculum

Use-case specific course add-ons

To further tailor your learning experience on the ExtraHop platform, we offer individual add-on courses that adapt your team’s individual activities and requiremtents.

Live Data



Deep Dive
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Creating Successful

Using the Record
Visual Query Language

Creating and using
Record Formats

Getting Started
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Inspection Triggers

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