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Don't get trapped in your old workflow.

ExtraHop's latest eBook explores Healthcare IT's top three pain points and how to solve them.

Edge, IE, Chrome, and Firefox plan to stop supporting the SHA-1 algorithm. ExtraHop lets you easily see what applications in your environment use that hash function.

As many countries embrace IT innovation in healthcare, improving patient care should remain the universal goal.

Everything you wanted to know about ExtraHop bundles but were afraid to ask.

Our 6.1 release is all about making your favorite features easier to work with.

ExtraHop's Open Data Stream technology provides precision transaction streaming, which means you can correlate the wire data collected from your ExtraHop with machine data from other sources. Wanna get started?

As 2016 comes to a close, we caught up with our in-house ransomware expert to get his thoughts on what went down this year, and what organizations and consumers should prepare for in 2017 and beyond.

ExtraHop enables IT teams to detect ransomware behaviors inside your perimeter. Users can do their part simply by not clicking on links from unknown sources.

The pressure on identity solutions has exploded. Why are we not investing more in them?

Dan Greer compares a typical PCAP troubleshooting workflow with the ExtraHop platform, which enables you to get from metrics to packets in seconds.

Network monitoring tools aren't keeping up with today's environments.