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Dan Greer compares a typical PCAP troubleshooting workflow with the ExtraHop platform, which enables you to get from metrics to packets in seconds.

Network monitoring tools aren't keeping up with today's environments.

Most networks are incredibly easy to breach. The NSA doesn't need zero-day exploits, they've said so themselves. So what do they need? Turns out, not much...

The equation for determining how valuable your data is: Data Value = Velocity/Friction X # of Users.

Network scanning and port scanning aren't inherently hostile, but they're often used maliciously. Learn to tell the difference between safe and hostile scanning on your network.

SIEM or log analytics platform user? Watch this lightboard video to see the comparisons between traditional log data and wire data.

It's been clear for decades that logs are flawed when it comes to security. Even the cyberpunks in Cryptonomicon knew it. What should you use instead?

When a tiny change on your network can cause a chain reaction that takes down your company's ability to sell product, you need better visibility. Where do you get it?

Lots of platforms do NetFlow. Few get it right. This report from 451 Research helps you learn to tell the difference before buying a solution.

How to use TCP_NODELAY, Nagle's Algorithm, QUICKACK, and more settings and algorithms to get better TCP performance on your network.

FHIR, the new HL7 standard for interoperability in healthcare data, can revolutionize treatment and improve patient experience. ExtraHop's visibility into FHIR can accelerate the revolution.

Radiology and medical imaging are vital (and profitable) parts of the healthcare system, and they rely heavily on DICOM. Monitoring and optimizing DICOM is critical for success in healthcare.