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FHIR, the new HL7 standard for interoperability in healthcare data, can revolutionize treatment and improve patient experience. ExtraHop's visibility into FHIR can accelerate the revolution.

Radiology and medical imaging are vital (and profitable) parts of the healthcare system, and they rely heavily on DICOM. Monitoring and optimizing DICOM is critical for success in healthcare.

Learn about new features and capabilities in ExtraHop 6.0, including the revolutionary Trace workflow that gets you from problem to packets in five clicks or less.

We put ExtraHop through 3rd party lab testing to make sure our performance claims were valid. Here's an infographic of the key results.

Learn about Karn's Algorithm, and how it affects TCP efficiency and network performance.

Get better visibility into virtualized and containerized apps by adding stream analytics and wire data to the mix.

Instead of ransoming your encrypted files, recover the originals from a packet capture.

Explained in detail: Silly window syndrome, how it degrades network performance, and how to avoid it.

How do you reap the benefits of hyperscale IT while minimizing the risk of complex system failures that hurt your business, and, worst of all, hurt your customers?

The ExtraHop REST API makes it easy to get the AWS Cloudwatch metrics you need, where you need them.

Cybercriminals upped their game, so we're upping ours (and yours.) Learn how to detect and stop ransomware automatically.

This week at Cisco Live 2016, the network has been the hot topic... Yes, the network. Over the past few decades, the network has been dismissed as the legacy plumbing that is running underneath…