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For intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, we need open, modular cybersecurity systems and platforms.

How microservices and containerized applications put a tax on application performance monitoring, and how to avoid paying it.

Get an up-to-date definition of LDAP and quickly understand the impact - both positive and potentially negative - this protocol brings to an organization.

A diagram of the OSI Model. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we imagined the perfect framework for no-impact monitoring of an application stack and found it was right in front of us all along in…

ExtraHop beat out 400 other vendors from 31+ countries for the honor of being the top Big Data, IoT, or Analytics Solution of 2016.

ExtraHop announces 2015 Partners of the Year, including...

ExtraHop has been named a finalist in two Best of Interop categories this year! See why we're up for both Networking and Performance, Management & Monitoring categories.

Learn about what IT operations analytics is and how it uses Big Data principles for a data-driven approach to IT.

LEAN methodology got its start during the industrial revolution, but it's just as relevant in today's tech organizations—if not more.

The vision of a golden, 1U appliance, analyzing data in real-time, and capturing its value inherent, is something we all believe in. But at ExtraHop, our vision is even rosier.

How real-user monitoring with wire data works to provides some of the most valuable data to businesses in every field.

How the healthcare industry's attitudes towards data and health IT analytics are changing.