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Instead of decrypting files encrypted by ransomware, recover the originals from a packet capture.

Unicast flooding can be a signal of more systemic configuration problems in your network. Here's how you can check.

Come see how ExtraHop and VMware work together at VMworld 2016, and get a chance to win an HTC Vive VR rig!

Explained in detail: Silly window syndrome, how it degrades network performance, and how to avoid it.

The Technical Publications team here at ExtraHop has been hard at work writing new documentation and making it easier than ever to access—so you can figure out how to do whatever you want with your ExtraHop appliances.

How do you reap the benefits of hyperscale IT while minimizing the risk of complex system failures that hurt your business, and, worst of all, hurt your customers?

We just added a slick new capability to our anti-ransomware utility belt, courtesy of Wire Data Wizard John Smith.

How one CIO gets a reliable snapshot of his entire IT environment and a sense of comfort from knowing everything that's happening in real time.

Join us for a free webinar, August 18th. We've got three sessions, so pick your timezone and learn how the good guys are going to defeat ransomware.

We put our platform to a 3rd party test to prove that our claims about ExtraHop's performance and capabilities are more than hype.

The ExtraHop REST API makes it easy to get the AWS Cloudwatch metrics you need, where you need them.

Listen in on a great conversation between virtualization legends Brian Madden and John Smith.