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Modern hybrid networks bring challenges that traditional network management tools can't solve: SDN, increased cloud traffic, shadow IT, and more. The ExtraHop Performance Platform comes from a Leader in the 2019 Gartner NPMD Magic Quadrant to help you rise above the noise with enterprise performance analytics and a simplified workflow that takes you from issue to packet in 3 clicks or less.

Complete Visibility

Real-time visibility into all network traffic (including into SSL/TLS encrypted traffic) makes it easy to understand how applications are using network resources, troubleshoot issues with tricky systems like VoIP, and see all performance data in one place.

Real-Time Detection

Advanced machine learning automatically detects and correlates performance issues in real time, giving your team the rapid information and deep context you need to proactively resolve problems before users complain.

Intelligent Response

ExtraHop puts you three clicks away from the root cause of any given performance issue. With broad context and precise packet details at your fingertips, you'll find answers right away and cut time to resolve by up to 90%.

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Modernize Your NPM

As cloud adoption grows and new encryption standards like TLS 1.3 black out huge swaths of network data for internal teams as well as for potential attackers, NetOps teams need a new way to do their jobs quickly and effectively. Comprehensive visibility isn't enough; you also need to parse that data at massive scale so you can take action before problems impact your business, your reputation, and your bottom line.

By pairing complete internal visibility with advanced machine learning that drives automated detection and investigation, ExtraHop helps NetOps teams end the network blame game and deliver a streamlined, reliable experience from core, to edge, to cloud. Read on to learn how the ExtraHop Performance Platform supports key network performance initiatives across every corner of the hybrid enterprise!

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Rather than wasting time pointing fingers and speculating about where the problem was originating, with ExtraHop, we were all able to look at the data, pinpoint the source of the issue, and get it resolved. ExtraHop is the difference between guessing and knowing.

IT Manager,
Greenbrier Companies

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

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in Gartner's MQ

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant
for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics


The Home Depot
Unifies Customer Experience

Reduces OpEx

Improving Global
User Experience

The Home Depot
Unifies Customer Experience

In order to support its blended online and brick-and-mortar operations at massive scale, The Home Depot needed visibility across its entire infrastructure from the data center to all remote sites including stores and fulfillment centers.

Enter Visibility at Scale

  • Improved associate and customer experience through visibility of hundreds of applications
  • Double-digit performance improvements resulting from infrastructure upgrade
  • Extended visibility to nearly 2,300 remote sites

Business Outcome

With ExtraHop in every location, The Home Depot performs real-time application and service monitoring in order to proactively troubleshoot issues and deliver a unified customer experience.

Reduces OpEx

As a SaaS Company, Concur sought to optimize their application infrastructure in order to trim down their operating expenses.

Enter Visibility at Scale

  • Real-time memcache transaction analysis correlated to activity at the network, web, database, and storage tiers
  • Ability to monitor and optimize performance and scalability of a large database cluster
  • Real-time analysis based on application-level transaction details

Business Outcome

Using ExtraHop to tune performance of its database and storage infrastructure, Concur optimized their environment to increase efficiency and cut operating costs in order to sustain a competitive advantage.

Improving Global
User Experience

This manufacturing company ran geographically disparate operations where remote users frequently experienced latency, negatively impacting productivity and revenue.

Enter Visibility at Scale

  • Critical visibility into Citrix application and delivery metrics
  • Rapid identification of invalid DNS requests flooding the network
  • Insight into backend services impacting application performance for remote users

Business Outcome

By delivering correlated, cross-tier visibility across the entire IT stack, ExtraHop helped to quickly pinpoint the source of latency issues and improve user experience for remote users.