ExtraHop vs. Competitors

Advanced attacks require advanced defenses. Learn why ExtraHop outperforms the competition when it comes to keeping you ahead of cyber threats.

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ExtraHop: NG-IDS, NDR, and Forensics


ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 provides full-coverage security across the entire attack surface to defend against
advanced threats, reduce tool sprawl, and increase efficiency across teams.

Complete Coverage

Network detection and response finds malicious activity and allows SOC teams to hunt down threats fast.

Detect Threats Other Tools Miss

Reveal(x) 360 decrypts TLS 1.3, SMBv3, and other encrypted Microsoft protocols used to mask lateral movement and other post-compromise activity.

Respond Faster

Network forensics and packet capture let security teams investigate breaches and get to ground truth.

Why Does ExtraHop Beat Top Competitors?

Real-Time Threat Visibility Icon

Real-Time Threat Visibility

ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 uses network analytics to deliver complete, observed visibility across the entire attack surface. Our out-of-band position gives us the perfect vantage point to see every threat without being seen.

Cloud-Scale AI Icon

Cloud-Scale AI

ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 leverages the scalable resources of the cloud to perform behavioral analytics and AI on petabytes of network traffic each day, giving you the most comprehensive and reliable insight into threats lurking within your environment.

Forensic Lookback Icon

Forensic Lookback

Threat dwell time keeps increasing, but it's hard to store logs and packets for more than a few days. Reveal(x) 360 provides a minimum 90 days of record lookback for comprehensive forensics and incident response.

Active Directory Decryption Icon

Active Directory Decryption

Reveal(x) 360 is the only NDR solution that decrypts Active Directory protocols and SSL/TLS to detect encrypted attacks including living-off-the-land techniques, CVE exploits, protocol abuse, and advanced threats like Kerberoasting, PrintNightmare, and credential abuse.

Cloud Agnostic Icon

Cloud Agnostic

Stop trying to cobble together information across multiple clouds, data centers, and remote workloads. Reveal(x) 360 gives you complete visibility across your entire IT estate in a single web-based UI.

Zero Infrastructure Icon

Zero Infrastructure

ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 is the first completely SaaS-based NDR, providing comprehensive coverage across the entire attack surface with a seamless deployment model that requires no management overhead.

Enterprise Integrations Icon

Enterprise Integrations

An open API seamlessly integrates ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 threat telemetry with leading enterprise providers including AWS, ServiceNow, and CrowdStrike.

Security Analyst Services Icon

Security Analyst Services

Reveal(x) Advisor extends the expertise and resources of your SOC with world-class security analysts. Delivered as a subscription service, our experts help you find and respond to threats fast so you can get your nights and weekends back!





Based on customer interviews, independent analysis, and financial modeling, Forrester estimates that a composite ExtraHop Reveal(x) customer could experience up to $1.1 million worth of benefits over three years, associated with preventing security breaches worth hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, recovery costs, damage to the brand, and customer goodwill.