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ExtraHop vs. Darktrace, Vectra, and More

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions are a critical component of modern enterprise security, enabling security teams to rise above the noise of false alerts and sprawling hybrid environments. See how ExtraHop Reveal(x) outpaces the competition on all counts.

ExtraHop Darktrace NetWitness Stealthwatch Vectra
Throughput 100 Gbps 6 Gbps 10 Gbps (Flow Data Only) 20 Gbps
Enterprise Application Protocols 70+ 5 8 None 10
Machine Learning Full (L2-L7) behavioral anomaly detection Limited behavioral anomaly detection Limited UEBA Limited (L2-L4) standard deviations Limited behavioral anomaly detection
Decryption (on prem and in cloud) SSL/TLS 1.3 SSL Limited
Critical Asset Prioritization Servers/clients
Investigation Automation Detection, correlation Limited detection Limited detection Limited detection
Transaction Indexing Limited Price on volume
Forensics Continuous packet capture Minimal packet capture Continuous packet capture No PCAP data enrichment only Minimal packet capture
Integration Partners 30+ 14+ 30 Under 5 ~14
Extensibility (Custom Dashboards, Universal Payload Analysis) Prebuilt only Limited
AMI Deployment
Cloud Scale 25Gbps sustained 5Gbps Not published (Flow data only) 2Gbps
Cloud Integrations (Azure, AWS, GCP)
Cloud-Native Security


Faster Threat Detection


Faster Threat Resolution


Reduction in Staff Time to Resolve

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SecOps already faces a growing risk of blindness when it comes to cloud traffic and IoT. If your security analytics platform can't scale without putting a massive financial and operational burden on your organization, you'll need to start making trade-offs: which logs will you collect? Which servers should you instrument? Reveal(x) allows for easy scaling with no additional data tax so you can grow while securing your enterprise.


Without full decryption capabilities, any threat detection solution will fail to catch attackers using SSL/TLS encrypted traffic to infiltrate and hide inside your network. 70% of cyber attacks will utilize encryption in 2019 (Cisco), which means the ability to see into encrypted traffic—especially traffic with perfect forward secrecy enabled—is crucial for a comprehensive threat intelligence solution. Reveal(x) decrypts all sessions out-of-band, which means zero performance impact or security risk.


There's no such thing as one tool that will solve all your security needs, but there is such a thing as an integrated security architecture where all components actively contribute to actively reducing your attack surface, automatically prioritizing threat detections by your most critical assets, and maximizing what you can do (and how quickly) with the analyst resources you have. Reveal(x) integrates seamlessly with Phantom, Splunk SIEM, Palo Alto Networks, and more so you can automate workflows and response.

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ExtraHop Reveal(x) offers comprehensive threat visibility across the hybrid enterprise, allowing SecOps teams to detect threats immediately and act decisively to eliminate them.

Adwait Joshi, Director of Product Marketing, Azure Security

SANS Product Review of ExtraHop Reveal(x)

SANS Institute Agrees

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is a "fast, amazingly thorough" force multiplier for enterprise security operations. Read the full product review for SANS Institute Instructor Dave Shackleford's take on the Reveal(x) UI, breach detection and response capabilities, proactive threat hunting, and ability to support hygiene and compliance initiatives.