The ExtraHop Platform

Analytics Defined, Backed by Machine Learning.

Intelligent Workflows. Massive Scale. Immediate Insights.

ExtraHop has invented a fundamentally new way to observe and analyze digital interactions. By identifying the network as the common denominator fueling all digital experiences, ExtraHop transformed the network into a goldmine of business, security, and user data. Analyzing everything as it transacts on the network, the ExtraHop platform turns unstructured data into wire data, making it the ultimate source of unbiased, comprehensive, and immediate insight.

ExtraHop Platform Value

Insight at the Speed of the Digital Enterprise

ExtraHop gives IT Operations, Network, and Security teams comprehensive visibility and contextual history for the digital interactions that are integral to our daily lives and the ultimate measurement for modern business. Surfacing these previously hidden layers of business, security, application and operations data in a single, simple UI, ExtraHop empowers you to take control of your entire IT environment with zero impact to performance. Save time, improve efficiencies and ensure seamless delivery of services to end-users.

With all that data at your fingertips, what will you do to transform the ways your company delivers IT?

We Put Our Platform to the Test

research paper

For third-party research into the performance and capabilities of the ExtraHop platform, read this ESG Lab Validation Report

ExtraHop transforms network data into insight. The top-down workflow takes users from high-level, real-time data visualization to a specific data point very quickly.

Dan Conde Networking Analyst, ESG

See ExtraHop in Action

Explore the interactive demo to see how quickly you can find insights that move your IT environment—and your business—forward.