Introducing Addy

The first machine learning service in the cloud for wire data.
Finally, machine learning for the masses.

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Always On, So You Don't Have to Be

There is so much happening in your IT environment that it can seem overwhelming. Imagine you had a partner that never slept, remained vigilant, and identified real problems. Addy is always on, always learning, and lets you know exactly when something goes wrong without spamming you with noisy alerts.

Gives You IT Superpowers

Providing real-time situational insight and enabling IT to take a proactive, data-driven approach, the cloud-based Addy service is like Spidey-sense for IT, so you never get blindsided. ExtraHop Addy is the eyes and ears of IT.

Machine Learning for the Masses

Easy to Get Started

As soon as you connect to Addy it begins learning your environment and surfacing anomalous activity. And because it's all in the cloud, you don't have to worry about configuration or management.

Cut through the noise

Cuts Through the Noise

By surfacing the most critical issues, Addy keeps your IT team focused on what matters instead of sifting through false-positive alerts. Addy surfaces problems in context and is the perfect early-warning complement to ExtraHop's unparalleled cross-tier visibility.

Built on wire data

Built on Wire Data Metrics

Wire data is the most accurate, comprehensive, real-time source of insight for IT. Addy applies machine learning to wire data, cutting through the noise to get right to the signal, making IT more data-driven and proactive.

With Addy we have the data we need to take decisive action that keeps our services up and running. The fact that Addy learns from our input and the environment means that the alerting keeps getting better. It truly allows us to cut through the noise to focus on what's critical.

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How it Works

How It Works

Addy takes lightweight wire data metrics and shoots them up into the cloud where it performs secure analysis to establish baselines for what's normal for every device, network and application—and more importantly, what's not. Addy cuts through the noise by applying machine learning with layers of analytics and heuristics. Addy continuously learns from your team and crowd-sourced feedback, and it gets better at understanding what's routine and what requires human attention.

With Addy, your team can rest assured it will always be the first to know when there's a problem—so you can solve it quickly and proactively, before hearing from frustrated users.

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