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Optimize all tiers of your physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Virtualization, cloud, and other technologies have exponentially increased IT complexity and dynamism. Traditional monitoring and management products have not kept pace, leaving IT organizations accruing technical debt and mired in reactive fire-fighting. ExtraHop taps into the common element that ties everything together—wire data—so that IT teams can correlate performance across all tiers of their environment, on-premises and in the cloud. Learn how ExtraHop has helped other IT groups become more proactive and efficient.


Support nearly every application out-of-the-box with real-time analysis of all communications.

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Understand how application and infrastructure performance impacts user experience.

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Gain real-time visibility of your cloud applications with the award-winning ExtraHop for AWS solution.

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See how applications are using (or abusing) your database with details for SQL errors, methods, and queries.

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Gain insight into how infrastructure services are impacting application performance.

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Continuously monitor performance for all middleware transactions for troubleshooting and trending.

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Know when it's the network's fault and when applications are behaving badly.

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Detect threats and get the context you need to answer what, where, when, and who for any situation.

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Gain insight into how your storage infrastructure is impacting application performance.

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Handle the increasing abstraction and complexity that accompanies a software-defined datacenter.

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