Healthcare IT Analytics

Equip IT, informatics, and business teams with real-time insights into application communications.

New Infographic: Why Stream Analytics is Vital For Healthcare IT

ExtraHop is a force multiplier for healthcare IT teams struggling with increasing complexity. With the ExtraHop platform, healthcare organizations can regain control over the performance of their applications and infrastructure, and capitalize on their Big Data opportunity. The ExtraHop Healthcare Edition combines market-leading application performance, availability, and security monitoring with new HL7 analytics capabilities.

With ExtraHop, IT organizations can ensure fast and reliable performance for systems that directly impact patient care and employee productivity. The ExtraHop platform provides IT teams with correlated, cross-tier visibility for all networked applications, including:

  • EHR applications such as Allscripts, Cerner, and MEDITECH
  • Physician and patient web portals and CPOE systems
  • Legacy applications that have few other monitoring options
  • Hosted or SaaS applications

Support Key IT Initiatives, Maintain Security Compliance, and Gain Business Insights

The ExtraHop wire data analytics platform is applicable to a broad range of critical projects, including:

  • HL7 Interface Monitoring – Analyze all HL7 messages in real time to extract valuable information for interface performance monitoring and clinical informatics.
  • VDI and Application Virtualization – Gain best-in-class monitoring for Citrix environments, combining real-time ICA analysis with a cross-tier view of infrastructure activity. The ExtraHop platform is verified as Citrix Ready for Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp.
  • Security and Compliance – Track compliance with privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA by monitoring specific directories for reads, writes, locks, creates, and deletes per user and file.

Use Cases

  • Auto-Discovery & Dependency Mapping

    During a datacenter consolidation, an online retailer used the ExtraHop platform's automatic application discovery capability to quickly and easily create an inventory of all of their servers. They identified and decommissioned unused servers without affecting customer access, saved the company $100,000, and completed their consolidation two months ahead of schedule.
  • Automated Detection of Heartbleed Vulnerabilities and Attempts

    The day of the Heartbleed announcement, a network and security ops team deployed the ExtraHop Heartbleed bundle for TLS Heartbeat Tracking, Dashboards, Client Identification and Geomaps. They watched malicious attempts to compromise their servers in real time, and immediately set blocking policies for those clients while they patched their vulnerable systems.
  • BYOD: Mobile Monitoring & Network Optimization

    A global enterprise tech company used ExtraHop's auto-discovery and application activity mapping to quantify "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) activities on secure and guest networks, determining which applications were being accessed and implementing appropriate security controls.
  • Cloud Application Discovery and Usage Monitoring

    A medical device manufacturer discovered and monitored all on-premises and cloud-based applications, and started seeing time comparisons and usage details on a list of unsanctioned applications. They estimated saving over 200 personnel hours and $20,000 per year in SaaS application license counts and subscription fees.
  • Cross-Tier Visibility for DBAs

    A company generating 10 terabytes of SQL queries each day had very little visibility into how the databases affected overall application performance. With ExtraHop, the DBAs were able to analyze performance across tiers, pinpoint the bottleneck, and monitor all tiers going forward to ensure they're meeting their SLAs.
  • Cross­-Tier Visibility for SaaS DevOps

    A cross-tier dashboard for staging and production environments helped this fast-growing SaaS provider of EMR determine expected behavior during a release and make informed decisions about capacity planning. They reduced post-release bug count by over 50% and doubled their customer base without increasing the number of support calls.
  • Detecting Data Exfiltration

    A large government agency needed a way to identify the source of a data leak and detect any future data exfiltration. The security team used the ExtraHop platform to identify a specific machine with abnormal DNS activity as the source of the leak, and they now use ExtraHop as an integral part of their security monitoring and analytics.
  • Healthcare IT Security

    The IT security team at a healthcare organization was able to eliminate their need for a dedicated onsite auditing function by deploying ExtraHop application inspection triggers for real-time monitoring of devices, authentication, and the firewall.
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 Detection and Audit

    A large healthcare provider depended on application vendors and consultants to ensure they were ICD-10 compliant, but had no way to continually self monitor and audit. They deployed the ExtraHop ICD-9 - ICD-10 Detection and Audit bundle to discover and classify all applications and interfaces sending and receiving ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. This level of visibility assures compliance deadlines and will help them avoid negative financial impact for incorrect code use.
  • Infrastructure Visibility for Citrix Environments

    Following a Citrix VDI expansion, the IT team at a large research hospital used ExtraHop to pinpoint the source of intermittent login delays: a large roaming profile causing storage contention when loaded. They saved months of potential debugging time and an estimated $400,000 in consulting fees.
  • Load Balancer Optimization

    An IT organization used ExtraHop to resolve conflicts between load balancers and application servers by correlating all user, network, and application activity with advanced load balancing. The productivity gains, improved uptime, and optimizations saved $250,000 per year. A 50% performance improvement prevented $200,000 in CDN costs while accelerating application time-to-market by 30%.
  • Next­-Gen Network Performance Monitoring

    A multi-billion dollar financial services company used ExtraHop SSL Decryption, Precision Packet Capture, Alerts, and Dashboards to conduct real-time analysis on performance metrics across their network, cutting provisioning costs and sharing analytics with the team without compromising data security.
  • Performance for Citrix Over VPN

    The Operations team at a large professional services company was inundated with support tickets. They used ExtraHop to monitor for poor user experience and determine when the root cause was due to client-side network issues. Their team reduced support escalations from remote users by 40%.
  • Real-Time Prescription Monitoring and Alerting

    A healthcare provider wanted to see real-time information about drug prescriptions being issued at their facilities. They used ExtraHop's Application Inspection Triggers for parsing HL7 messages plus the trending and alert functions to quickly identify a source of forged OxyContin prescriptions. Compliance and audit times on prescriptions have dropped to zero, saving over $100,000 annually.
  • SMPP Latency & Error Monitoring

    SMS is a large revenue driver for network operators, SMS aggregators, and businesses worldwide. SMS short codes are used by many businesses in their marketing campaigns to engage customers through methods such as voting campaigns, subscription requests, information requests, and more.
  • Security / Encryption Auditing

    A large enterprise with both incoming and outgoing SSL traffic used ExtraHop to view the entire set of SSL behaviors on their network, so they could see how certificates were being used, plan SSL hardware purchases, and remove unused certificates.
  • Slow Storage Backups

    A rapidly growing manufacturer used ExtraHop's correlated storage and network analysis and client performance measurements to find out why new storage backup jobs were taking longer than previous jobs. They saved $250,000 that was unnecessarily earmarked for storage platform growth and network upgrades.
  • TLS/SSL Monitoring

    A large web hosting company used ExtraHop to continuously monitor SSL traffic between the load balancer and the backend servers, and fire off alerts if any traffic was not properly re-encrypted.