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Customer Story

Leading Salesforce Application Partner Improves AWS Visibility with ExtraHop

The #1 paid application on Salesforce AppExchange, with more than 125,000 Salesforce users across 35 countries.


More visibility into the application delivery chain and greater ability to monitor and manage performance in the cloud.

ExtraHop has fundamentally changed the way that we monitor and manage our business.

Director of IT US-Based Application Provider

The Technology Environment

  • The company runs their applications in Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Why the US-Based application provider chose RevealX

Fewer "unknown unknowns"

  • "RevealX has given us visibility that's led to eye-opening moments," says the Director of IT. "Even during the demo with our testing environment, we happened to notice an incorrect configuration that wouldn't have affected customers but could have caused us development headaches. Being able to pinpoint that cause so quickly really sold us on the value — and that alone justified our investment."

Deeper, more meaningful data

  • "When I saw the ability to create custom triggers with JavaScript in RevealX, that sold me — especially combined with custom metrics," says a manager of Product Development. "When we left the demo, I couldn't stop talking about the different things I wanted to do with it."

The Outcome

Provider is equipped with more information to quickly diagnose problems and better manage AWS resources

Real-time insights for better customer experiences

  • "When we come into the office, one of the first things we do now is turn on the TVs with the RevealX dashboards. We are always watching them to see user experience, activity levels, and application behavior in AWS. ExtraHop has fundamentally changed the way that we monitor and manage the business."

More cost-effective AWS management

  • An unnoticed increase in errors can lead to unnecessary — and costly — automatic provisioning of new AWS compute resources. "I walked around the corner and saw this huge spike in requests on our screen. We found and were able to solve the problem before it could cause an auto-scale event,” says the product development manager.

Fast time-to-value

  • "RevealX was very simple to set up and install. Especially the ease of configuration, installing the packet forwarders, and the fact that RevealX has an AWS image out on the Marketplace — so all I had to do was fire it up, and it did everything."

Is RevealX right for you?


What will your story be?

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Network Detection & Response (NDR)

RevealX NDR

Use the power of network visibility and AI for real-time detection, rapid investigation, and intelligent response for any threat.

Product overview
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Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

RevealX NPM

Use network data and machine learning to identify network and application performance issues and expedite time to response.

Product overview