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Customer Story

Tarrant Regional Water District Achieves Network Clarity with RevealX

Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) supplies water to millions of people across northern Texas and is a designated part of U.S. critical infrastructure.


Establishing an accurate baseline across the organization’s complex infrastructure—including homegrown water service monitoring applications.

​​RevealX competitors just don't have feature parity, and ExtraHop gets things done quicker too.

Adam Boldin Network Architect, Tarrant Regional Water District

The Technology Environment

  • A complex network of data centers and distributed physical locations
  • Homegrown water monitoring applications


Why TRWD Chose RevealX

TRWD Network Architect, Adam Boldin, had already extensively compared NDR vendors in a previous role. According to Boldin, "ExtraHop was doing things that nobody else could do, and it was perfect for TRWD."

Easy migration with minimal workflow disruptions

  • "A remote support engineer took over. When I next logged in, all of our data and dashboards had been perfectly migrated,” says Boldin.

The Outcome

Powerful Insights Amplify Lean Security Team’s Capabilities

Compliance with cybersecurity and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations

  • "We've been able to implement all the necessary controls, and I leverage RevealX to prove compliance with cybersecurity mandates. It makes things straightforward and efficient for me,” says Boldin.

Simplified application performance troubleshooting

  • Boldin says, "The dependency mappings help us understand when developers have modified the way an application interacts with the network. Being powerful and easy to use, Reveal(x) is my go-to troubleshooting tool, and I can share with our developer's dashboards showing the impact of code changes."

ExtraHop support enables Boldin to handle major security concerns—like SUNBURST—with a lean security team

  • "ExtraHop sent me a step-by-step guide—almost an 'Exfiltration for Dummies'—on how its detectors work and how to use RevealX to look back through my DNS archives to see if I'd already been affected [by the SUNBURST attack]. Since ExtraHop retains all of those records, I was able to do the search very easily," says Boldin.

Is RevealX right for you?


What will your story be?

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Network Detection & Response (NDR)

RevealX NDR

Use the power of network visibility and AI for real-time detection, rapid investigation, and intelligent response for any threat.

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Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

RevealX NPM

Use network data and machine learning to identify network and application performance issues and expedite time to response.

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