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Customer Story

Prisma Health Improves Security and Patient Experience with RevealX

Prisma Health provides clinical care, education, and research services for communities throughout upstate South Carolina.


An inherently complex digital environment and disorganized incident management process led to service interruptions.

Using ExtraHop, we've been able to identify systems that weren't being used and saved the company money by having them decommissioned.

Mike Shuford Systems Engineer, Prisma Health

The Technology Environment

  • Epic electronic medical record (EMR) system
  • Two data centers supporting simultaneous EMR instances and other tier one medical applications
  • Numerous remote sites


Why Prisma Health Chose RevealX

Ease of use and immediate ROI

  • "You don't need an advanced degree or to undergo extensive training to use RevealX. We were able to get the platform up and running quickly—and we saw immediate value,” says Systems Engineer, Mike Shuford.

Single source of truth for faster incident response

  • "RevealX is a game changer for us," Shuford says. "Priority one and priority two alerts used to result in conference calls with everyone pointing fingers. RevealX gives us one data set on which everyone can agree. It not only helps us identify issues faster, it allows us to concentrate on fixing the problem instead of figuring out who is to blame."

The Outcome

Continuous Improvement and Uncompromising Security

Improved patient care and experience

  • Real-time analytics and advanced machine learning provide proactive, trend-based alerts about performance degradations, and guided investigation capabilities help practitioners rapidly uncover the root cause before it affects user experience.

Real-time SSL decryption

  • Application troubleshooting can be difficult when much of your data must be protected by law. RevealX enables Prisma to decrypt and analyze SSL and TLS 1.3 encrypted traffic in real time. "Epic traffic is secure. We imported the Epic certificates into ExtraHop, along with certificates for our electronic document management system," explains Shuford. "So not only are we compliant, we have full visibility into the packets for troubleshooting."

Continuous IT improvement

  • "Using ExtraHop, we've been able to identify systems that weren't being used and saved the company money by having them decommissioned," says Shuford.

Is RevealX right for you?


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Network Detection & Response (NDR)

RevealX NDR

Use the power of network visibility and AI for real-time detection, rapid investigation, and intelligent response for any threat.

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Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

RevealX NPM

Use network data and machine learning to identify network and application performance issues and expedite time to response.

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