How to think like the NSA to protect your network from advanced persistent threats.

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Learn the six steps of the NSA's playbook for breaking into sophisticated, highly-secured networks, and how you can use the NSA's mindset to protect your own network from hackers.

This ebook draws on real publications and presentations from the NSA to provide a glimpse into some of the most skilled hacking minds in the world. By reading it, you'll learn:

  • How a tiny vulnerability can be exploited to create an advanced persistent threat
  • Why internal (east-west) traffic, the largest percentage of data center traffic, is so critical to sophisticated hacking techniques
  • The role user behavior plays in targeted hacking efforts
  • NSA-recommended techniques for reducing your likelihood of having data stolen or damaged
  • The single most effective way to defend your network against bad actors

Download the ebook now to learn how the NSA thinks when they hack a network, and how you can defend yourself.