Gartner Industry Vision

Enabling the Real-Time Health System with Situational Awareness and Operational Intelligence.

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Disruptive thinking fuels the tech industry. When it comes to healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs), however, disrupting the systems patients and practitioners have come to depend on can be a difficult sell.

In this report, Gartner examines the key challenges HDOs currently face while providing a very realistic vision for the ways IT can enable them to adopt the real-time health system (RTHS).

"As the societal and financial demands on HDOs increase, the role of IT becomes that of navigators from the traditional, disjointed operation to a digital, more streamlined healthcare model that possesses sophisticated situational awareness and operational intelligence and the means to make use of it."*

Achieving Gartner's vision of the RTHS is no easy task, but this report includes in-depth analysis and prescriptive guidance for IT's role in helping HDOs embrace this revolutionary model.

"Use situational awareness and operational intelligence to continuously adapt to changing circumstances in order to improve outcomes and the patient experience by reducing response time and increasing response quality."*

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*Source: Barry Runyon, "Industry Vision: The Real-Time Health System", May 11, 2016