Gartner: How to Build an Ideal Performance Monitoring Dashboard

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"IT operations teams frequently engage in 'swivel-chair' monitoring, struggling with tool sprawl and information overload, without a clear set of combined dashboards."*

From managing multiple, uncoordinated monitoring tools to sifting through mountains of incoming data each day, it's safe to say that IT Ops teams are overwhelmed with constant context-switching. But how do you build a unified performance monitoring dashboard that spans across different user personas and domain silos?

This Gartner report offers a valuable, big-picture vision for getting all IT disciplines on the page in order to eliminate the constant finger-pointing that occurs between IT silos . Breaking down each level of the dashboard by hierarchy (top-level business, triage, dependency mapping, roles/personas, and raw data), this report takes a step back to identify the challenges before diving deep into how to do it right the first time.

By unifying data sources and toolsets into an ideal availability and performance dashboard, Gartner explains how you not only achieve a comprehensive view of your entire IT estate, but how to reduce the friction among team members and maximize IT effectiveness.

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*Sanjit Ganguli, Pankaj Prasad, Vivek Bhalla, "How to Build an Ideal Performance Monitoring Dashboard," September 15, 2017