Gartner: How to Evolve Beyond a Blame-Network-First Culture

Move forward to accelerate mean time to resolution (MTTR)

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Gartner's latest report on blame in IT pulls no punches. Whether it's application outages or performance degradation, it may be easy to point fingers, but the network isn't always the culprit.

In this eye-opening new report, "How to Evolve Beyond a Blame-Network-First Culture", Gartner's Sanjit Ganguli examines the impacts on both finances and morale that are prevalent in a "blame-network-first" culture.

Dispelling several of the myths that lead to a "blame the network" environment, this report offers valuable, practical considerations for evolving beyond the finger-pointing and accelerating mean time to resolution (MTTR). In this report, you will learn how to:

  • Be objective about resolution. Consider the factors that exist outside the network (is the problem a SaaS application or one hosted in the public cloud?)
  • Encourage a relative and objective resolution approach by looking at problems in a broader context.
  • Be proactive, not reactive, about monitoring to allow IT operations to function more rationally.

Of equal importance is the report's emphasis on the adoption of network monitoring tools.

Data from network monitoring tools can be used as a way to prove innocence, but more importantly, the data can be leveraged to resolve issues.*

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*Sanjit Ganguli, "How to Evolve Beyond a Blame-Network-First Culture", 24 June 2016