ExtraHop Platform Overview: Gain Control of IT by Rethinking the Network

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As business continues to undergo digital transformation, the network has become the common denominator tying everything together. In the past, enterprises have treated the network simply as a delivery mechanism for these digital experiences.

But what if you could mine the communications between devices for real-time insights?

With ExtraHop, you can. It's time to rethink your network as a data source.

Get the Details on ExtraHop's Secret Sauce

This white paper explains what sets ExtraHop apart from other products. Specifically, you will learn:

  • Why the network is the most valuable source of data for the enterprise
  • How real-time stream processing transforms packets into structured wire data
  • Details on the types of visibility available in the ExtraHop platform
  • What types of outcomes you can expect to see with ExtraHop