2019 Gartner Market Guide for Network Traffic Analysis

ExtraHop is A Representative Vendor in Network Detection and Response

Gartner's Neil MacDonald identified Network Traffic Analysis as one of the Top Technologies for Security in 2017. Now, in their inaugural Market Guide for Network Traffic Analysis, Gartner states that:

"To improve the detection of suspicious network traffic, security and risk management leaders should:

  • Implement behavioral-based network traffic analysis tools to complement signature-based detection solutions.
  • Include NTA-as-a-feature solutions in their evaluations, if they are available from security information and event, firewall, or other security products.
  • Focus on scalability (can the solution analyze the volume of traffic in the network?); efficacy of detection (perform a proof-of-concept trial in the environment); and price (at this early stage, market pricing varies widely)."

We're pleased to say ExtraHop is included as a Representative Vendor of this crucial new category.

Read the guide to understand which gap we believe NTA fills in the crowded cyber security market, as well as which vendors can support key security objectives such as faster incident response and stronger security hygiene through network detection and response.