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WrightCore and ExtraHop Deliver Smarter, Faster Assessments

WrightCore simplifies complex business issues and IT operations by leveraging best-in-class solutions like ExtraHop for complete visibility into their customers' environments. Using ExtraHop, partners gain access to application performance and health, beyond the infrastructure- and configuration-focused data that's typically delivered by assessments.

ExtraHop + WrightCore

As part of their core business, WrightCore performs assessments to look for bottlenecks or issues that might cause problems or prevent their customer from deploying new applications or infrastructure. They also benchmark performance to ensure consistency during and after infrastructure upgrades.

ExtraHop is one of the primary tools in this assessment and benchmarking practice, providing a holistic view into the entire environment from the network, to infrastructure, to applications, giving WrightCore insight into network delivery services and the application traffic that relies on them.

"What we've found is that the network is often blamed, but in reality, the performance hit is caused by applications or hosts consuming network resources due to misconfiguration or design flaws. Thanks to ExtraHop, we can quickly find the issues and share them with our customers so that we can address them long before they negatively impact performance or affect our customers' end-users." says Andy Winford, Director of Infrastructure Practice.

With WrightCore and ExtraHop, customers have the real-time insight they need to tackle complex transformation with confidence, develop best-practices for performance monitoring and management, and better align IT priorities to business goals and outcomes.

E-Commerce Use Case

For one Tennessee-based e-commerce company, providing a consistent online user experience is paramount. Not only does it ensure customers can take advantage of special subscription pricing and limited-time offers, it improves loyalty and repeat business. In a business where speed and efficiency are business-critical, slow time might as well be downtime.

When the company started experiencing consistently sluggish page load times, the IT team enlisted WrightCore to uncover the root cause of the issue. The team at WrightCore deployed ExtraHop to give them full-stack visibility, from the infrastructure to the end-user experience. Using analytics from ExtraHop, they traced the issue back to a DNS misconfiguration. Without ExtraHop, Winford says that his team would have spent a lot of time focused on the network before looking elsewhere for the source of the problem.

"ExtraHop has given us a whole new perspective. Previously, we didn't get any of this visibility from other data sets we use. Now we can have a fundamentally different conversation with our customers beyond just infrastructure configuration. We're much better equipped to help them focus on continuous improvement," says Winford.

Financial Use Case

For over 25 years, a financial services company based in Knoxville, TN has worked to deliver exceptional loan servicing for students and families nationwide. The company relies on a smooth connection between their call centers and datacenters to ensure seamless customer service, whether it's answering questions, helping with repayment plans, or processing payments.

After a particular incident in which agents' loan servicing application sessions were repeatedly dropped due to reasons unknown at the time, impacting both customer experience and the bottom line, the company recruited WrightCore to investigate and help avoid future incidents.

The team at WrightCore immediately dove in but the complexity of the application stack made manual, layer-by-layer analysis tedious. In order to get visibility across the entire service delivery chain, they deployed ExtraHop. Within 30 minutes, they had captured the relevant packets and isolated the issue to a series of routing errors caused by a network switch.

For WrightCore and their customers, the value of ExtraHop extends beyond the initial troubleshooting phase. ExtraHop allows WrightCore customers to continuously monitor the health and performance of their applications and environment, and proactively address issues before they impact end-users. In several cases, WrightCore customers have gone on to purchase ExtraHop delivered by WrightCore as a managed service, combining real-time visibility with WrightCore's industry expertise.

"ExtraHop doesn't just help us fix problems, it gives us added visibility and creates new opportunities with our customers that add trust and reliability, which makes us more effective," says Winford. "Together, we're committed to helping our customers become more data-driven by delivering the most accurate and timely insight they need to affect real operational change."

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