Customer Story

Finding Value in Visibility for Both Security and Performance

Added visibility bridged security gaps to enable a proactive approach

Easy-to-interpret analytics offered insight across security and performance use cases

Integration with SIEM tool offered a streamlined way to deliver alerts and key data

The Story

Widespread Benefits With Easy-to-Interpret Analytics

Grand Canyon Education (GCE) is an educational shared services provider that has been steadily expanding their offerings—ranging from financial aid services to curriculum development—to organizations across the country, including Grand Canyon University's growing online and on-campus degree programs. With educators and students alike counting on them to provide A-level service, they needed extra visibility to safeguard their network. To achieve this, they sought out a network detection and response (NDR) tool that could give them the analytics they required for security, but could offer value across multiple teams.

GCU assessed ExtraHop Reveal(x) head-to-head with other NDR products on the market, and concluded that Reveal(x) had the capability to support the needs of their larger IT organization. Upon adopting Reveal(x), they started gathering baseline network information and integrated the data into their SIEM dashboard. This helped reveal anomalies, resulting in fast mitigation of security weaknesses.

For GCU, the ability to use packet data to quickly zero-in on the root cause of an incident was a game changer for their ability to discover vulnerabilities, but the benefits of Reveal(x) were felt beyond the security team. GCU's database, networking, and telecom teams all use Reveal(x) to optimize their network. The rippling benefits were especially felt when the team used Reveal(x) to help them quickly pivot to widespread remote access in response to COVID-19 challenges.

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We assessed that ExtraHop would provide the most value to multiple departments in addition to IT security. It included a long list of items that it would monitor in regard to performance monitoring, helping us gain further visibility into rogue assets that may be in our network that we're not really aware of.

David-John Fernandez
IT Security Engineer, Grand Canyon Education