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Empower your network team to solve problems fast.

Empower your Network team to solve problems fast. The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system empowers your IT teams to accelerate troubleshooting and optimize tuning for the BIG-IP application delivery controller from F5 Networks. With the ExtraHop system, Network and Application Management teams have complete visibility into F5-powered application environments.

With the ExtraHop system monitoring BIG-IP, your network team can achieve great results:

  • End the blame game. Quickly pinpoint the root cause of an issue, drilling down to individual applications, devices, protocols, or even specific errors and database stored procedures.
  • Optimize performance. Get the insight you need to tune the BIG-IP application delivery controller.
  • Reference the online ExtraHop Help, which includes specific KPIs and prescriptive tuning guidelines for the BIG-IP.
  • Gain early insight into performance by centralizing TCP metrics and tuning parameters in a single view.
  • Stack-rank load-balanced servers by performance.
  • Collect vital information for content-caching policies.
  • Determine the impact of the application delivery controller on application and network performance.
  • Plan capacity and test network designs. Discover potential bottlenecks in a staging environment, or analyze performance and capacity trends across the application and network.

The BIG-IP product family is a system of integrated application delivery services that work together on the same best-in-class hardware. From load balancing, SSL offload, and web acceleration to application security, access control, and much more, a single BIG-IP device can do the work of a dozen single-purpose appliances. For more information, visit

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