Technology Partner: Cisco Systems

Optimizing branch-office application performance and management.

Cisco Developer Registered Optimize branch-office application performance and application management with complementary solutions from Cisco and ExtraHop. The EH1000v, a virtualized version of the ExtraHop system, is certified for the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Unified Computing System Express (UCS-E), an all-in-one computing, virtualization, and networking platform.

The ExtraHop system is the first and only APM product listed in the Cisco marketplace that is validated to work with the Cisco UCS Manager, which controls all of the software and hardware components in Cisco UCS. ExtraHop's UCS validation gives organizations greater confidence when migrating application to the Cisco UCS platform. The ExtraHop system deploys in minutes and automatically discovers and classifies both devices and applications. By analyzing communications between application components, the ExtraHop system provides application response time, end-user experience, and correlated transaction monitoring across tiers.

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Application Performance Monitoring for Distributed Environments

The Cisco UCS and UCS-E enable IT organizations to cost-effectively run mission-critical applications and core services at the branch office while centralizing other corporate applications in the datacenter. The EH1000v equips IT teams to more effectively monitor and manage the performance of the virtualized applications running on the Cisco UCS and UCS-E. IT teams can consolidate visibility and reporting for the entire distributed environment in the ExtraHop Central Manager.

Deployed as a virtual appliance to the Services-Ready Engine (SRE) module of the second-generation Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR G2), the EH1000v offers significant benefits to IT teams:

  • Simple Deployment – Discovers and classifies devices and applications automatically with no configuration required
  • Complete Application Delivery Visibility – Complements datacenter-based ExtraHop deployments for comprehensive visibility into application performance
  • Continuous, Real-Time Monitoring – Monitors all transactions at up to 1Gbps and extracts relevant health and performance metrics for the network, web, VDI, database, and storage tiers
  • Proactive Early Warning – Sends automatic trend-based alerts for anomalous application performance behavior

Monitoring Branch-Office VDI Performance

For IT organizations running Citrix-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with the Cisco UCS and UCS-E platform, the ExtraHop system provides real-time insight into end-user experience in the branch office. Verified as Citrix Ready for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, the ExtraHop system analyzes ICA transactions as they pass over the network and extracts valuable health and performance metrics. Read about the ExtraHop and Citrix technology partnership.

Cisco Overview

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. The Cisco Unified Computing System Express is a converged computing, virtualization, and networking platform for hosting essential infrastructure services and mission-critical business applications in the lean branch office.

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