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ExtraHop in the U.K.

IT 360 LogoNext week, ExtraHop's Co-founder and President Raja Mukerji will be presenting at the 360 IT Conference in London. The conference is designed to help IT professionals discover how IT infrastructure solutions can help achieve key business objectives—like improving service assurance, reducing costs, managing risk, and gaining competitive advantage. This two-day conference draws thousands of IT professionals and will feature some of the brightest minds in technology from around the world. In addition to educational panels and keynote presentations, the 360 IT Conference will also feature interactive workshops, an international technology perspective, and live technical demos in the 360 IT TechLabs.

Raja's session, Application Delivery Assurance: Ensuring that Business-Critical Transactions Do Not Fail, will run from 1 – 2 PM on Thursday, September 23rd in TechLab 2. In this session, ExtraHop Networks explores new advances in real-time analysis technology for accelerated troubleshooting and proactive early warning of problems right across the multi-tiered IT infrastructurenetwork, servers, database, and storage. Full session details can be found here.

So, if you'll be across the pond next week, be sure to come see Raja's talk for a smashing good time! And if you think the ExtraHop system is ace, we'd be happy to take you out afterwards for some grub and a pint. Cheers!

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