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Justin Baker

Former Employee - Director of Marketing

About Justin

Justin is Director of Marketing at ExtraHop.

Posts by this author

TCP RTOs: Retransmission Timeouts & Application Performance Degradation

January 26, 2016

Learn about RTOs, what causes TCP retransmission timeouts, and how to eliminate them quickly to improve application performance.

Tap the Wire Data Inside Your Cisco UCS Environment for IT Operational Intelligence

June 25, 2013

ExtraHop takes a better approach to monitoring performance in UCS environments, equipping IT teams to confidently migrate business-critical applications to UCS.

How to Answer the SharePoint Monitoring Questions You Care About

February 19, 2013

Learn how to get answers quickly for SharePoint questions that teams can spend days trying to tease out with legacy monitoring tools with real time SharePoint tools from ExtraHop.

Storage Performance Monitoring: 3 Metrics Needed for Holistic Visibility

January 23, 2013

These three real-world examples demonstrate the value of of CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI transaction metrics in the context of other application and infrastructure performance.

Why ExtraHop + Splunk Integration Matters

September 17, 2012

Enhance security and network performance monitoring with Splunk and ExtraHop integration. Real-time insights for NDR and NPM solutions.

Microsoft's 1024-Bit RSA Key-Size Requirement and Other IT Burdens

September 12, 2012

Learn how ExtraHop tracks the usage of all SSL certificates used in your environment in just a few clicks to get ready for Microsoft's release an update blocking the use of RSA keys using less than 1024-bit encryption.

TCP: Where the Network Meets the Application, Part 1

August 9, 2012

While we at ExtraHop love the higher-order application protocols like HTTP, the SQL family, and memcache, we are fascinated by TCP. Obsessed, even.

Best-of-Breed: A Cost-Effective Alternative to "Death Star APM"

April 4, 2012

A complementary, best-of-breed approach to APM tends to appeal to technologists, but the appeal should extend to business decision-makers as well.

Forrester Application Performance Management Market Overview Report for Q4, 2011

January 18, 2012

The Forrester APM Market Overview proposes an APM reference model that customers can use to plan their APM strategies and evaluates 26 APM vendors in the context of the reference model.

Performance Metric of the Month: Packet Loss, Retransmission Timeouts (RTOs) and Round-Trip Times in Virtualized Systems

November 30, 2011

The ExtraHop system detects virtual packet loss, a hard-to-detect phenomenon that can degrade application performance in virtual environments.

Applying Lean Methodology to Application Performance Management

October 25, 2011

Lean APM: The ExtraHop system provides the mapping and measuring capabilities needed to continuously improve application performance using lean methodology.

RIM BlackBerry Outage Preventable with ExtraHop Database Performance Monitoring

October 17, 2011

RIM could have avoided the massive RIM BlackBerry outage with passive continuous database performance monitoring. Find out how to prevent service outages.

Performance Metric of the Month: CIFS Errors

September 29, 2011

Find CIFS errors in networked storage in real-time with ExtraHop. Use our system equally well on other storage networking protocols such as NFS and iSCSI.

Oracle Database Performance Monitoring with ExtraHop: An Attractive Alternative to Agents and Profilers

September 27, 2011

Monitor Oracle databases without agents, without profilers. ExtraHop's network-based database performance management requires no host-based instrumentation.

PAWS Dropped SYNs - How to Speed Up Your TCP Protocol & PAWS Network

July 12, 2011

Are PAWS Dropped SYNs slowing you down? Dive into TCP protocol intricacies to find actionable solutions and fixes for faster and smoother network performance.

Understanding Retransmission Timeouts (RTOs) and Application Performance

March 7, 2011

Discover the causes of TCP retransmissions and optimize network performance with Reveal(x). Eliminate RTOs for a seamless experience.

ExtraHop in the U.K.

September 16, 2010

ExtraHop in the U.K.

SLA Monitoring: Using Internal SLA's to Improve Application Performance

August 18, 2010

SLA Monitoring: Using Internal SLA's to Improve Application Performance

Play the IT Blame Game!

December 9, 2009

Play the IT Blame Game!

Better NetFlow than NetFlow

October 16, 2009

Better NetFlow than NetFlow

To Nagle or Not to Nagle, That is the Question

February 25, 2009

Nagle's Algorithm, To Nagle or Not to Nagle? | ExtraHop

The Curious Case of Packet Sniffers

February 20, 2009

The Curious Case of Packet Sniffers

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