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ExtraHoppers Build Tiny Homes with Sound Foundations NW

ExtraHop employees use volunteer hours to help fight homelessness in Seattle

Justin Carter

September 7, 2021

A group of ExtraHoppers headed to the Port of Seattle to spend a day building tiny homes for Seattle's homeless. They were doing this as volunteers with Sound Foundations NW.

The ExtraHoppers jumped in to help while using their three volunteer time off (VTO) days that are given to them to spend in service to the community.

"I love that ExtraHop encourages us to spend work time on the social causes of our choice in the community. It was great to get away from my laptop and build a tangible thing that will help someone stay warm and safe." - Avery, HR

The organization of their choice, Sound Foundations NW, partners with the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) to construct tiny homes. LIHI and other agencies also offer social services, emotional support, skills needed to obtain employment, and many other services. Sound Foundations NW volunteers, including our ExtraHop colleagues, have built approximately 70 tiny homes since the beginning of 2020 and the Seattle City Council recently approved funding to build three additional tiny home villages for a total of 105 to 150 tiny homes within the next 6 months.

For those considering getting involved, Sound Foundations NW assures us that everyone from construction pros, fairly capable do-it-yourselfers, project managers, and even those who have never visited a hardware store can find a project to take on and something to learn.

Once the ExtraHop teams arrived and introductions were made, they found themselves in the capable hands of Barb Oliver, Director of Operations at Sound Foundations NW, and her team of volunteer coaches who were ready to get them building!

The tiny homes were assembled on-site by ExtraHop volunteers using wooden frames, and included clear instructions to take the guesswork out of the building process. Coaches are assigned to small groups to assist volunteers with safe power tool use and keeping the building process as safe and easy as possible.

"I was so grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at Sound Foundations NW with my ExtraHop friends. The whole experience was inspiring. I volunteered because I wanted to be a part of a solution to the homeless crisis gripping my neighborhood and city. I started the day having never used a nail gun before. I wasn't sure how I could help. Within a few hours, we built the entire framework for a home. The team leaders taught me so much, and I loved learning about the communities that these homes create." - Kristin, R&D

Once constructed, these tiny homes are distributed throughout King and Snohomish County. Each is built on a foundation that can be picked up by a flatbed tow truck and transported to where it's needed.

"I was delighted by the outpouring of support by our ExtraHop community to help those experiencing homelessness in Seattle. I'm excited for a second opportunity to help Sound Foundations later in the year." - Keith, Sales

"ExtraHop really wants to foster a diverse culture, and that includes giving back in a way that aligns with our employees' individual values. That's why we encourage everyone to take the time to volunteer for the causes that are important to them." — Arif Kareem, President and CEO, ExtraHop

To learn more about how to join a community-minded team, check out the ExtraHop Careers page.

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