2024 Global Cyber Confidence Index

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Business Initiatives

Extended Protection with NDR

Correlates data across your security stack, while providing real-time network visibility, enhancing threat detection and response for proactive defense against evolving threats.


Transform Your Cybersecurity with XDR and NDR Synergy

Get faster mean time to respond, stronger security across the entire attack surface, and reduce manual data gathering so analysts can focus on urgent priorities.

An integrated XDR strategy allows security teams to choose the best products for their environment without the fear of vendor lock-in. By integrating the leading endpoint, network, and log-based security solutions, your team can benefit from a streamlined incident response approach and achieve complete end-to-end visibility. ExtraHop works with other leading security solutions to build integrated workflows natively in ExtraHop RevealX.


Maximizing Cybersecurity Synergy: The Value of NDR Within XDR Frameworks

Best in class

Integration solutions

ExtraHop is proud to be the founding NDR member for these XDR alliances.

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XDR with NDR

Some attacks will get past your perimeter. Layered defenses that extend into the network are critical to prevent breaches. ExtraHop provides network intelligence that exposes attackers post-intrusion, to prevent breaches. This intelligence can be ingested into other platforms for enriched context and actionable insights.

XDR with EDR

Cyber attacks often involve techniques that can only be detected on the affected endpoint and only visible on the network. Network security with ExtraHop combined with endpoint security from EDR offers the capability to respond precisely to detected threats based on correlated intelligence from multiple sources.


By correlating log data from a SIEM with your NDR, your security teams can streamline investigations, gain context to drive confident threat response, and eliminate manual data-gathering tasks across your security stack. This delivers faster mean time to respond to security incidents.


How It Works

Enhance Threat Detection and Response with XDR Integration.

Reduce the intelligence gap inside your environment. Attack behavior that may be obscured or entirely absent from one intelligence source becomes clear with correlation. By automating this correlation, you free up analysts to focus on more impactful tasks, leading to faster, more effective threat investigation and response.

A very powerful and great solution for threat detection and network monitoring.

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