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Business Initiatives

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Building resiliency at scale


Meet the challenges of digital transformation

The technology landscape is operating at a speed of innovation faster than anything we have experienced before. In response, organizations are finding it difficult to remain competitive and are seeking ways to stay ahead.

Digital transformation initiatives empower organizations to move faster, adopt new innovations, improve the customer experience, and have greater agility and insights to drive value. Organizations are looking to overhaul and consolidate their network infrastructure to better serve its evolving business and technology needs. These transformations often involve changes in network architecture, technologies, protocols, hardware and software to make the network more agile, efficient and adaptable.

Whether you're consolidating data centers or moving to new platforms, migrating data comes with substantial risk for both availability and data loss if the IT team does not have a good handle on the interdependencies and overall plan. Without a complete view of your application dependencies and performance in real time, migrating and consolidating environments without performance issues and security risks is impossible. To avoid service disruption and ensure data center consolidations and migrations remain on-schedule, IT teams need up-to-date information about what assets are present in the environment and how they relate to one another.


Building Resiliency at Scale

With ExtraHop RevealX, organizations have the definitive insight to confidently support their digital transformation initiatives.

  • Auto-discover and classify every system, including insight into functions, performance baselines, and dependencies.

  • Map migration groups using real transactional evidence and organize the move according to the usage characteristics of all systems and applications.

  • Manage your data center consolidations using a live map of all application activity and dependencies.

  • Compare baseline performance before and after, analyzing response time across the entire application delivery chain for peace of mind and accurate ROI analysis.
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Best in class

Integration solutions

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Integration Solutions

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NDR with EDR

Identify network attacks that evade endpoint security tools with agentless visibility, real-time threat detection, and streamlined investigation from RevealX.


Detect, prioritize, and respond faster to known and unknown threats by correlating NDR behavioral analysis with activity logs.


Integrate real-time IT Analytics from RevealX NPM with ServiceNow's best in class IT service management to streamline workflows, increase security, and speed up incident resolution by hours or even days.


Network Performance Monitoring

ExtraHop RevealX NPM

Leverage network data and real-time analytics to expedite time to response. The ExtraHop RevealX platform allows you to get complete visibility across all assets in your organization.

More about NPM

A very powerful and great solution for threat detection and network monitoring.

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